Lindeman's Cleaning

1620 Lime Kiln
Green Bay, WI 54311

Lindeman’s Cleaning specializes in Heirloom Preservation

Lindeman’s Cleaning begins the process of Heirloom Preservation by inspecting your gown. For any spills, perspiration, soil around the bottom and any other types of spots. We tighten the beads, sequins, and trims before cleaning. We carefully clean your gown and re-inspect it before proceeding.

Proper packaging is a key factor in the timeless preservation of any heirloom. That’s why Lindeman’s uses a one-of-a-kind preservation system specifically designed to protect garments from insects, moisture, fading and yellowing. Your gown is hand folded with layers of protective acid-free tissue and gently placed into a perfectly sized acid-free storage chest. The chest has a sturdy, double reinforced construction and features a convenient viewing window that allows you to easily see your gown without disturbing the packaging.

Lindeman’s also heirlooms other special items such as Christening gowns, First Communion Dresses,

Band Uniforms, Military Uniforms, Doll Clothes, American Flags, Quilts, Linens, Costumes, etc.

Please call us at 920-435-5345.

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