Bride and groom lay amongst bright pink flowers.
Veiled bride with orchid bouquet.
Beautiful bride with white orchid bouquet.
Beautiful bride in veil with white orchid bouquet.
Bride in long white veil with white orchid bouquet.
Bride and groom pose in dramatic fashion.
Bride walks on terrace in Greece.
Bride and groom in Greece laugh together.
Beautiful Greece wedding styled shoot.
Beautiful Greece styled wedding shoot.
Bride and groom pose amongst bright floral display, white barn in background.
Modern styled bride and groom pose in front white barn with bright pink floral display.
Bride with bouquet walks with groom.
Groom pours into a champagne tour as bride looks on.
Bride in corset styled gown and groom embrace.
Beautiful veiled bride poses with her white orchid bouquet.
Veiled bride looks into full length mirror.
Bride in cathedral length veil sits with veil.
Bride and groom pose in front of table with champagne tower.
Wedding couple embrace in bounce house.
Bride and groom bounce in white bounce house.
Wedding photographers Cheng and Olga

Lusia Studio Photography LLC.

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Lusia Studio Photography LLC
Fine Art Photography for the Most Exquisite of Occasions

Lusia Studio Photography is a Wisconsin based business. Husband and wife duo Olga and Cheng Vang. A story of love from two different worlds blossomed into a 11-year marriage. Two kids, Alec and Alice, later our household was built on love, and we would like to help capture your love story too. From the beginning of your love story starting with the engagement photo session, the wedding, and to your firstborn photos and beyond. We work great as a team, Olga captures moments with the bride and bridesmaids, while Cheng captures all the fun with the groom and groomsmen. At Lusia Studio we do not have any borders; our team will travel anywhere that our client’s love leads us. Whether it be a concrete jungle full of skyscrapers, to dry deserts oasis, breathtaking hikes at mountain tops of 12,000 feet, to romantic Mediterranean islands, Olga and Cheng will be there to preserve your precious moments.

At Lusia Studio our camera of choice is a Canon R6 mirrorless, paired with our favorite lens lineup 85mm, 50mm, 35mm, 15-35mm, and 70-200mm. The 85mm is a great prime lens that produces crisp, rich, and creamy imagery. This is one of Cheng’s favorite lenses he likes to use at weddings during cocktail hour to capture guests socializing. Olga’s lens of choice is the 50mm, it is a nice portrait lens that creates an image that really showcases you. When we are working together, we rarely use the same lens as each other to distinguish the story that is told. Furthermore, we even strive to capture different angles and focal points from each other. Even though we are taking pictures of the same moment you are getting two very different perspectives.

Other added value that we implement into our service is the use of a strobe light. This is a great tool for capturing the first dances, it really makes the bride’s dress pop. Furthermore, Cheng had studied hard to get his part 107 drone license. So, we now do aerial shots of your special day if a bird’s eye view of your day is crucial.

We encourage you to visit our website at and view our portfolio. Our style is very candid and natural for the most part. Genuine emotions are portrayed through the storytelling we do. Olga is the lead photographer and artist, and as the owner she takes pride in her work. Olga will not hire out the editing to a 3rd party company. As an artist she wants to tell the story and frame the shot in her own vision. Part of the job that most people don’t see is the endless hours spent behind-the-scenes editing, producing timeless images for your family.

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Jacob & Morgan


"My husband and I still talk about how our expectations were blown out of the water after working with Olga for our wedding photographer. If you have the opportunity to work with Olga and her husband Cheng - you won't regret it! They both bring the type of energy that you want to be around for one of the most special days of your life. Understand the commitment that Olga brings to her ART and business is next level, it's more than the photos she takes, it's a full experience. Our day was full of laughing and natural moments - our wedding party still talks about the time Cheng brought out his speaker with music and we couldn't help but dance! They were extremely professional and kept the schedule on task, while also reminding my husband and I how important it was for us to have time to ourselves and enjoy each step of the day. Even a year after our wedding I keep in contact with Olga on social media, continuing to encourage and cheer each other on through life - Olga not only creates art, she creates community."

Justin & Danielle


"As a (typical) groom, I had little to do with the selection of the photographer for our wedding. But we could not have done any better than Olga. Olga (and her husband) are extremely good at making your day as special as possible. She plays music to help the atmosphere feel even more fun. She organizes your wedding party in creative ways. She sticks to a timeline, but also catches the spontaneous moments. I can't give her higher praise....An amazing photographer and better person, you cannot choose a better photographer than Olga!"

Jordan & Arik


"Olga and her husband were hands down the best decision we made in regards to our Wedding weekend! Not only does she make you feel comfortable in front of the camera and gives you guidance on best poses for your body and camera angle, but she captures all of the in between moments that truly are candid because you don’t even realize they’re always snapping pictures in the background. could not recommend Olga and her husband enough and all of my family and friends were blown away by their work and already ordering prints of photos from that night! Look no further if you’re reading this review! They will make all your dreams come true + some."

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