Custom designed diamond ring by Alyssa & Anna LLC. in Appleton, WI.
Large diamond engagement ring in box from Alyssa & Anna.
Large custom diamond ring from Alyssa & Anna.
Interior of Alyssa & Anna LLC. in Appleton, WI.
Creating custom design rings and jewelry in Appleton and Oshkosh Wisconsin.
Large custom diamond engagement ring by Alyssa & Anna LLC.

Alyssa & Anna LLC. Appleton

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161 Riverheath Way, Appleton, WI, USA




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Alyssa & Anna LLC.

Jewelry made for Lovers…

Create a one-of-a-kind Engagement Ring.

We specialize in bespoke jewelry, which means that all our pieces are made to order. So, whether you want to redesign one of our pieces, re-purpose an old piece, or create something completely new, we’d be honored to make it for you!

Alyssa & Anna Custom Design Process:

1. Let us know what you’d like! Share your ideas with us. Fill out this form, we’ll email you back with a quote and timeframe (please allow 3-5 business days for reply).

2. Once we create a design that you’re happy with and you’d like us to begin production on the piece, we require a 50% down deposit. because it’s a custom piece, should you cancel your order after the piece is created, the deposit would be non-refundable.

3. We will 3D print a resin model of your piece, which is then cast in the metal of your choice. The cleaning, polishing, and stone setting are all done by hand, in our very own studio.

4. We will box up your finished piece, along with your appraisal, and we’ll either ship it to you, or you’re welcomed to pick it up from one of our locations.

We’re in it for the art. So, we don’t fill our cases with mass produced jewelry, but instead, follow the old tradition of jewelers crafting pieces by hand. From concept to completion, our pieces are created right in our little Wisconsin Atelier.

Tuesdays – Fridays: 11am-5pm
Saturdays: 10am-2pm

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"I received impeccable customer service from Alyssa & Anna Fine Jewelry. They were able to create a wedding band for me that matched my engagement ring so beautifully, as well as a complementary styled wedding band for my husband. My engagement ring was cleaned and inspected, and soldered to my wedding band so it was perfect for my wedding day. I really appreciate that all of the work was done at their shop, by a skilled and experienced jeweler with a perfectionist attention to detail."


"The staff at Alyssa & Anna are very knowledgeable in their craft and are true artists. Not only will they work with you to design anything you can imagine, but their quality is superior and second to none creating heirlooms that will last decades long. They are honest, and transparent and are not in it for the sale, but for your uttermost satisfaction. The freedom is yours as you collaborate with your ideas and they bring your vision to life. I will only shop locally at this store for my jewelry needs from now on! They were amazing to work with, and created a work of art! Thank you Alyssa & Anna! We will be back!"


"The beauty of Alyssa and Anna is that they are able to take a design idea and turn it into the most gorgeous piece of jewelry; all within their family owned studio. Your ring, from design to finish is taken care of by them, and them alone. If you are looking for a gorgeous, handcrafted, sustainable, one of a kind piece of jewelry, you must pay them a visit."

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