Devotions Wedding Chapel at Christmastime
Devotions Wedding Chapel wedding ceremony
Devotions Wedding Chapel in Green Leaf, WI
Classic Chapel seating at Devotions Wedding Chapel located in Green Leaf, WI
The man cave at Devotions Wedding Chapel in Green Leaf, WI
Grooms playing pool
Bride looking in mirror
Bridal Suite at Devotions Wedding Chapel in Greenleaf, WI

Devotions Wedding Chapel

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7019 Dickinson Rd. Green Leaf WI 54126




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Personalized wedding ceremony in a beautiful chapel.

Open for non-religious to religious couples looking for a historical and memorable experience!

With seating for over 200 guests the beautifully updated theater-style sanctuary is an excellent location for your NE Wisconsin wedding ceremony.

~Newly renovated and under new ownership

~Hand-carved wooden pews in theater-style seating so that everyone has a great view of the ceremony

~Stained glass windows throughout chapel

~Groom’s room with pool air hockey foosball poker table and bar

~Bridal suite with full-length mirrors and vanity stations for hair and makeup

~Original 2 ton bell to ring in their marriage


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