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The Beauty of Nature Spun into Fairy Tales

March 22, 2023

Lihi Hod Bridal Collection

The inspiration behind Dreams, the new Lihi Hod Bridal Collection, “Diamonds and Rust” is the image of the wild, free-spirited woman of the Sixties. The dichotomy between the diamonds and the rust do away with old standards of uncomplicated beauty, bringing forth a new profoundly complex ideal of beauty. It says that you can be a wild, fragile, and independent bride all at once.

Kaviar Gauche Bridal Collection

Inspiration from the concept of infinity for Kaviar Gauche Bridal Collection is modern infinity. The collection embraces the infinite vastness of the universe, and firmly believes in the infinite nature of love, dreamlike & enduring. Modern Infinity is the tale of a modern fairy tale spun from delicate silk fabrics, gossamer tulle, glitter, beading, sequined fabrics, voluminous flounces, heavy silk fabrics, and delicate tulle corsages.

Nadia Manjarrez Bridal Collection

Drawing inspiration from both the colors and symbolism of the sunset, the Nadia Manjarrez Bridal Collection quite literally translated this into the Iris gown that captures the terra-cotta colors of the sky. Expanding on the beauty of nature, Manjarrez put a strong focus on the textures found within it: billowing clouds, delicate flowers and lightweight feathers were brought to life by her in-house atelier team that hand-appliqued, embroidered and created dimension through 3-D leaf embroideries.

Rita Vinieris Bridal Collection

The Fall 2023 Rita Vinieris Bridal Collection, RIVINI, is inspired by that moment of daytime before sunset when magical moments emerge and refractive beauty is illuminated. The modern radiance of Fall is captured by an array of Italian silks, liquid shimmer, hand-painted tulle and sprinkles of pearls. The harmonious balance of majestic and architectural silhouettes ignites lucid dreaming.

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