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7 Ways To Symbolize Your Wedding Other Than A Ring

November 23, 2022

Looking for a unique way to commemorate your I Dos? These seven wedding ring alternatives are great inspirations for any couple tying the knot.

Traditionally, a wedding ring is the ultimate symbol of commitment. Its circular shape represents infinity and has no end, just like your love. It’s rare that a wedding doesn’t involve a ring exchange, but some couples choose to forego it in favor of another option.

It may not be the norm, but not everyone can wear a wedding ring—whether for work purposes or other reasons—in which case, different ways to symbolize your commitment to one another are needed.

These seven ideas are all ideal for couples who want to create a long-lasting connection with each other that doesn’t involve a wedding band.

1. Framed Copies of Your Wedding Vows

Personal wedding vows are an extremely special way to share your love for each other on the day. It’s a chance to share with your partner and guests what you truly feel and express the depth of your love. Your vows can also make an incredible keepsake that reminds you both of your commitment to one another.

Having your vows printed and framed lets you save them for posterity, and you can hang them somewhere meaningful in your home. You could even add a few photographs of your wedding as an extra special touch and an even more vivid reminder.

Photo by Dan Parlante on Unsplash

2. Engraved Wallet Cards

Wallet cards are the perfect option for couples who don’t want to wear jewelry every day but still want to carry around a symbol of their union. The design options are endless, from different materials for the actual card to any quote or image you want to be engraved on it. You can then keep the memento in your wallet or purse, in your pocket, or even tucked safely inside the cover of your smartphone case.

You could even get your personalized wedding vows engraved on the card for you to keep with you forever. Think how great it’ll be to get that out and read through it when you’re having a bad day or when your partner is far from home.

3. Wine Bottled in Your Wedding Year

This is a great gift because it will keep on giving. The key is to choose a wine that’s going to age really well, meaning this is likely to be quite a pricy memento. However, if you choose well, you can open up a new bottle with each milestone anniversary and toast to the memories you’ve made between the drinking of each bottle.

You could even opt for customized wine bottle labels with your name and wedding date. Or, you could opt for the wine you served at your wedding as a special reminder of your union.

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4. Crystals to Symbolize Your Love

If you’re a spiritual person, a crystal may just be the perfect gift to give and receive when saying your vows. The crystal can be set in jewelry or a stand so you can put it somewhere you’ll see every day—the choices are almost endless.

Crystals that symbolize love and that are ideal for weddings include rose quartz, rhodochrosite, and aventurine.

Rose quartz opens your heart up to receiving love. Rhodochrosite is a calming stone that can help you walk into your marriage with confidence. And Aventurine is all about bringing honesty and trust into a relationship. Combining all three will certainly help put you on the right foot for a long and healthy marriage.

5. Plant a Tree

What better way to symbolize the start of your new life together than with another new life?

Getting a small sapling, planting it, and watching it grow over the years is a wonderful way to celebrate your union. If you think you might move around a lot, you can always plant a small tree in a pot and take it with you.

Another option is to plant a tree in a public park so you can keep returning to it even if you move into a different house or city. What’s beautiful about this option is that your love—your tree— will provide shade and happiness for other people and a habitat for animals in that park.

6. A Special Piece of Jewelry

Perhaps you really like the idea of jewelry, but neither of you is particularly keen on wearing rings. If this is the case, you can choose an alternative that suits your style.

Necklaces with a charm or tag are a great option. You can go for a dog tag-style pendant or something similar but more elegant.

You’ll also find his and hers necklaces suitable for more masculine and feminine tastes but still match one another. You can have these tags or charms engraved with something meaningful about your wedding or life together.

If your taste in jewelry tends to run more towards what you can wear in your ears, you can opt for earrings with your wedding date engraved or a special pair you wear when dressing up. Custom-designed earrings are a good choice, too, as they can hold whatever symbolism is important to you as a couple in a subtle yet stunning way.

7. Ring Finger Tattoos

This option is much more permanent than any other option on this list. A small tattoo on your ring finger is a great way to show your commitment to each other. And, as a bonus, the design options are endless.

If you don’t want to do tattoos on the finger, you could get inked somewhere else on your body with the date of your wedding or something equally meaningful. You can even add to your tattoo with every passing year to mark your anniversary.

Symbolize Your Love in a Way That Makes Sense for Your Marriage

Whether you just want to buck tradition because that’s who you are or your lifestyle calls for something a little different, there are many alternatives to exchanging rings on your wedding day.

Remember, this is your special day. It should be memorialized and celebrated in a way that makes sense for you as a couple.