L.designs Invitations & Custom Designs in Pulaski, Wisconsin

October 12, 2022

Wedding Invitation Design and Printing Services

Laura Roberston’s L.designs is a small, local business dedicated to the art of designing and printing paper goods. “Paper allows you to work with so many different materials and textiles that the options are endless.” We enlisted Laura’s artistry for a recent Premier Bride styled shoot and spoke with her about her process, industry trends, and some of her favorite design elements.

Process: From Inspo to Invites

“When starting a brand new invitation suite, I begin by asking the couple tons of questions. This usually includes basic questions in regards to colors, fonts, graphics, and style, but I also love to receive inspo pictures. Sometimes couples submit pictures of other invites. Sometimes they send me pictures of nature scenes that they really like the color scheme of, or just a picture of the venue and the vibe they are looking to portray.”

“That is where my creative ideas come into play. From those few questions and a couple pictures, I can usually read the couples style and create a new design that will fit them perfectly. From there, I send proofs of new designs to be compared and critiqued. Once I have made all the changes that the couple is looking for, I send them off to print!”

Laura’s Favorites: Solid Colors & Kraft Paper

“Printing solid colors is a personal favorite of mine. Dark card stocks are very costly and hard to print on, but printing solid colors on white paper is still low in cost and provides a completely new look. To enhance the ink even more, you can add a coating to the paper, called ‘soft touch’ that creates a velvety smooth matte look. This is by far my favorite technique when printing solid colors and makes for a very elegant, high-end look and feel.

“Kraft brown card stock has also been a huge trend the past few years. It is the perfect neutral tone and the paper also features a recycled fiber that makes it both rustic and modern, which are both highly sought-after looks! I have used this type of card stock for entire suites and for accent pieces. In my eyes, cream cardstock is out and kraft brown is in!”

Design Note: Less is More

“​​Less is always more! Instead of trying to fill your entire invite with graphics and text, keep a good amount of free space. When your design incorporates open space, your guests will focus on the details without being overwhelmed and missing important information. If you have a lot of words to fit, break them up into multiple inserts to spread out the details. If you are looking for more ways to incorporate graphics, consider adding an envelope liner, vellum overlay, or printing double sided.”

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