Wedding Vendor Spotlight- Lindeman’s Cleaning

September 14, 2022

Lindeman’s Cleaning
Heirloom preservation since 1951

As the wedding winds down, you may notice your gown is showing signs of celebration. A splash of champagne, evidence of your late-night nacho bar, marks of perspiration from all that dancing… It happens! After all, your wedding gown is a party dress.

Lindeman’s Cleaning of Green Bay, Wisconsin, specializes in wedding dress cleaning and preservation. They’ve been in the business since 1951 and are considered experts in fabric care. Their experienced staff works hard to remove any difficult stains. They’ll also inspect your gown from top to bottom, tightening beads and sequins before cleaning.

The final step is packaging your preserved gown to perfection. Lindeman’s uses a one-of-a-kind preservation system specifically designed to protect garments from insects, fading, and yellowing. Preserved gowns are hand-folded with layers of protective acid-free tissue, then placed in an acid-free box outfitted with a convenient viewing window.

You may be wondering: Why should I clean and preserve my wedding dress in the first place? The answer: You may want to pass it on someday as a family heirloom, keep it near and dear—or, if you’re not a sentimental type, you could even sell it. Regardless of reason, gown preservation is a perfect final step in showing this dress you love a little extra TLC.

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