Destination Wedding on beach

Planning Your Destination Wedding

April 13, 2022

Some of the world’s most beautiful wedding and reception venues, photo opportunities, and luxe accommodations can be found far from home, but destination weddings come with special planning challenges.

Globe, map and passport

12 Months Before

  • choose date & venue
  • contact venue’s on-site wedding coordinator
  • research airfare & room rates for your destination
  • review legal marriage requirements

Photo by Sakchai Ruenkam from Pexels

Resorts on ocean beach

9 Months Before

  • visit resort
  • tour venue & guest rooms
  • ask about group discounts
  • send out save-the-dates & hotel info

Photo by Jess Loiterton from Pexels

Travel planning

6 Months Before

  • reserve block of rooms
  • book travel
  • book officiant
  • purchase travel & wedding insurance
  • confirm cake, flowers, menu, & decor

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Save the date invites

3 Months Before

  • send formal invitations
  • create wedding day itinerary for your programs

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Wedding vows

1 Month Before

  • discuss final details with wedding coordinator
  • finalize vows, music, & schedule
  • release any extra rooms from your room blocks
  • have programs printed & obtain additional wedding favors & ship to resort

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Insurance broker

2 Weeks Before

  • make sure you have proper documentation to obtain marriage license
  • collect all insurance related documents

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Last minute wedding list

1 Week Before

  • create a photo shot list for your photographer
  • share contact info with wedding party
  • final check with coordinator

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Main photo by Ash Simmons