7 Ideas for the Perfect Sober Bachelorette Party photo by ben-white-unsplash

7 Ideas for the Perfect Sober Bachelorette Party

Kelsey Taylor

March 23, 2022

Your best friend has met her soulmate, and the wedding day is close at hand. Now it’s time for you to plan that once-in-a-lifetime celebration for her. If your bride-to-be is in recovery, you can still throw a fun bachelorette without the temptation of alcohol.

Before you begin planning, a sit-down with the bride is in order. By figuring out exactly what not to do, you’ll have an easier time planning the fun. Premier Bride invites you to draw an idea (or more!) from the list below to put together the perfect sober bachelorette party.

Idea #1: Go Glamping

Glamping” is the cute portmanteau for “glamorous camping.” Far from roughing it, glamping is more about surrounding yourself with nature without sacrificing comfort. Glamping is seriously trendy, so you can find a site only driving distance away.  For example, some people enjoy glamping by staying at a state park that features a resort.  In this situation, the bride and her friends can enjoy hiking, swimming, campfires, and so forth, but they can rest assured they won’t be in sleeping bags, but rather cozy beds with proper air conditioning.

Idea #2: Spa Day

Let the bride unwind after months of wedding planning with a very zen bachelorette experience. Everyone loves a nice relaxing day at the spa, and each attendee can pick out her own services so that it’s a good time for all. If going to a professional spa breaks the bank, do it DIY-style with masks and pedicures at home.  The bride will appreciate it all the same.

Idea #3: Hometown Tour

Bachelorette parties are all about celebrating the bride, and what better way to do so than exploring where she comes from? A destination bachelorette doesn’t have to be in Vegas or Miami; why not travel to the bride’s hometown? You can organize a tour of all her favorite haunts from growing up, and let her reminisce down memory lane.  Just make sure “going home again” is an idea the bride appreciates; many people have very good reasons for leaving their home towns, and they don’t want to ever go back.

Idea #4: Cheering Your Favorite Team

Sitting in the sunshine and cheering your home team from the stands is only part of the fun. Hotdogs,pizza and ice cream sandwiches all taste better when you’re at a ballgame. If you dress up your team jerseys and caps ahead of time with bridal-bling, you just might be featured on the Jumbotron. Most stadiums have fun events besides the game like fireworks and 7th inning stretch activities. Plan early for this, especially if your bride is a fan of a major league team like the Yankees or the Boston Red Sox. Find out where to find Yankees tickets on the cheap so that you don’t break the bank. Just make sure to use a reputable ticket broker, too, so you know you’re getting the best price.

#5: Accessory Shopping

You’ve gotten your dresses, but what about all the accessories? Though you’re all probably wearing the same style and color gowns, accessories are all about individual style. Shopping together for necklaces, earrings, hair clips, anklets and more means everyone can make their own statement, even if the dresses all match. Though pearls are fine, why not go for something that really stands out, like Ammolite pendants or earrings. They are the most unique gemstones on the planet and their rainbow of colors means they’ll match whatever color dress you’re wearing. Or how about going vintage for hair ties or clips? Accessorizing together is not only fun, but you ensure the bride is included in all the final decisions on how her bridal party looks.

Idea #6: Make-Your-Own Lingerie

If your girls like to get crafty– and who doesn’t?– this is the idea for you. This twist on the classic lingerie party allows the bride’s friends to personalize their gifts. Have the gang bring some basic lingerie and their favorite craft materials– sequins, marabou, patches, and the like. Then when everyone gets together, serve some snacks and mocktails and let the crafting begin!

Idea #7: Paintball

Fact: there is nothing more fun in this world than paintball. Okay, that may be a gross exaggeration, but it is fun! Gear up in some old army fatigues and work as a team to beat the boys at their own game. That’s right– this is a great idea for combined bachelor and bachelorette parties! Bride vs. Groom; it’s a perfect way to blow off steam after all the stress of planning a wedding.

Photo by Joel Muniz on Unsplash

Remember: It’s About Her

Becoming sober is an incredible life achievement– and so is marriage! There is so much to celebrate, so it’s important to keep it positive and maintain a healthy environment for the bride-to-be. Ensure the guest list includes people who support the bride in her recovery, and find ways to ensure everyone is fully invested in the event. The more present you all can be during this celebration or getaway, the more the bride and everyone else will get out of the party.

As long as you do that, she is bound to have the time of her life.


Main photo by Ben White on Unsplash