Hiring a Live Painter for your Wedding

March 9, 2022

Fine Arts by Nicole discusses Live Painting for Weddings

Nicole Bobholz is the artist behind Fine Arts by Nicole. She offers live painting for weddings and other events, capturing the look and feel of the day in a unique way. We spoke with Nicole about the wonders of live painting, her process, and why she loves doing what she does. Here’s what Nicole had to say:

Live Painting—Perfect For Any Wedding!

“A live wedding painting is perfect for any couple who wants to create a memorable experience at their wedding for both themselves and their guests. A painting is a good fit for any couple who wants to capture all the special details of their day in a timeless way. I have painted weddings of all sizes for couples ranging from passionate art enthusiasts to couples looking to add a unique touch to their special day.”

With Paint, Anything Is Possible

“The best part about a painting is that anything is possible! If you have a crazy idea, let’s do it!  I’m here to make it happen. The painting is 100% customizable; you choose what you want painted, whether that’s your ceremony, first dance, etc. There is something so magical about a piece of art, especially one created just for you. With just a simple glance, a painting has the ability to bring you back to a place in time and spark the feelings of that moment. A painting of your day is a keepsake that you will have for years to come and one that you can pass down to generations. I am here to bring your vision to life and capture all the details from the flowers in your hair to the ambiance of your venue on canvas.”

How the Process Works

“I arrive early to the venue to set up and sketch out the moment the couple wants captured. As guests arrive, they will watch the painting come to life and will be able to see the painting progress from start to finish throughout the night. If needed, I can relocate to a new location or venue to complete the painting. The painting will be dry and ready to take home that night.”

What Success Looks Like

“To me a successful live painting captures all of the elements and details of the special moment the couple wants painted. Every painting is unique because every couple and wedding is unique! In every wedding painting, I love to give the painting vibracny by capturing the light and color of the space, whether that’s the ceremony, first dance, etc. My favorite and final stage of the painting is when I add tiny little details, such as pearls on a veil or shadows cast by trees, to give the painting its lasting impact.”

A Treasured Gift

“Live wedding paintings also make a memorable surprise and wedding gift for your loved one! In the past, I worked with a groom to surprise his bride with a painting of their ceremony. The first time she saw the painting was when she walked down the aisle. It was a really special moment.”