The Place Setting

The Place Setting

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September 1, 2021

Do you have a budget for place settings?  No? You are probably not alone. Many couples don’t think about  “place settings” but we hope this pictorial will help you change the way you think about your table décor! Amplified place settings are not a necessary part of the wedding….but they are an aspect of your design that will “wow” your guests and leave them with a lasting impression. 

This pictorial is going to lead you through a succession of price points per place setting and themes. When you work with a  rental company, wedding planner, florist and/or catering company they will help you to design your customized place settings  and establish a budget for your vision. 

All About Events created the black and gold place settings, St. Johns Illuminations created the pink place settings and Event Works created the blue place settings. Each rental company was tasked with creating looks with a $2, $3, $5, $7 and unlimited price point per table setting. The intention is to illustrate how you can change the look of our table by integrating special napkins, fancy dinner plates, unique flat wear, colored water glasses, napkin rings and/or stylized chargers.  If you become inspired, make sure you budget for place setting décor.

Not included in the price points are the flowers, greenery, paper goods or table cloths. Each company was given the standard china, glasses, white napkin and flatware that is included at St. Johns Golf and Country Club. Also included in the place setting designs were four looks with the themes; Boho, Glamor, Modern and Rustic. They were allowed to create these looks with an unlimited budget per table setting. When planning your place setting look, make sure you find out what is included by your catering company and/or venue with your rental. Tips on creating budget friendly place settings:

  • Use a patterned or unique napkin. Simply having another color or texture on the table can give your table look an augmented look
  • Use a charger. Chargers create a look of depth by layering your place setting. Different types of charges have different price points but typically range from $0.75 to $6 per piece.
  • If your budget does not allow special china for dinner places and salad plates – just pick one and use the standard plate for the other.
  • Adding a colored water glass can give a fun look to your table with a multi-dimensional colored element on your table.
  • Flat wear. Selecting a gold or black flat wear can definitely change the entire look of your table.
  • Keep in mind that other elements also play a huge factor in the overall look of your table; flowers and centerpieces, name cards, menu cards and other paper goods.
  • If your budget does not allow you to provide a customized place setting for every guest, focus on the sweetheart table and/or the head table with your wedding party.
  • We encourage everyone to work with their professional wedding vendors. They will help you achieve your goals while keeping your budget in mind.

Lets deconstruct the place settings that were designed…get inspired!

Table Décor: All About Events
Photographer: becphotography

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