Trends in Wedding Photography

2021 Trends in Photography

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August 11, 2021

Romantic, mysterious, and storytelling photography is the latest trend in wedding images. It’s a trend that fits with any type of reception whether they be indoors or outdoors, rustic or contemporary.  Looking to tell your own story? Here’s what’s hot in today’s wedding photography.

The Mysterious by Heather and Rob

The Mysterious

Many brides still choose to not have the groom see her until she walks down the aisle. So how do you capture that First Moment? The couple is photographed together “separated by a door or wall. They can hold hands or talk to each other but never see each other” as shared by Heather & Rob Wedding Photography. Dramatic lighting can add to the romantic excitement of them seeing each other soon and becoming a married couple.

The Classic Dip by Heather and Rob

The Classic Dip

There’s a reason why this look is considered “classic”. It’s a trend that never gets old and will always be a favorite of many brides and grooms.

The Love Theme by Tyler Rieth Photography

The Love Theme

Romantic images that include backlighting the couple “either directly in front of the sun during golden hours, or placing a flash behind them at night to give a sense of pure romance combined with wonder and awe” says Tyler Rieth Photography. As a backup, experienced photographers can also imitate the look indoors using various lighting tricks in case there’s a weather issue.

Photo booth props

Mirror Photo Booths

The latest trend in photo booths comes by way of mirrors! They are freestanding mirrors that present an interactive photo experience and will attract your guests by it’s sleek and modern look. Incorporate your wedding’s theme with hats, glasses or just signs of congrats for fun and engaging photos. You’ll remember the fun of your wedding day for years to come.


Contributing photos and editors: Heather & Rob Wedding Photography, Tyler Rieth Photography

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