Make the Most of Your Virtual Wedding

How to Make the Most of Your Virtual Wedding

Stephanie Bregman

August 26, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has created an environment of uncertainty. It has not only impacted our day-to-day livelihood but has led to the postponement of major life events. For example, weddings all around the world have been postponed because people can no longer gather in large groups for celebrations. However, a virtual wedding is a great way to celebrate your special day while providing an escape from the troubling outside world. Read below to find out how to make the most of your virtual wedding!

Legal Issues

There are two types of virtual weddings. The first is an informal event where people digitally celebrate on what was supposed to be the wedding day. The couple is not legally wed during this event, as the legal ceremony will take place at a later date. The other type is an official wedding where the couple is legally married online.

If you want to get legally married digitally, be sure to check local requirements and follow the necessary steps to ensure that your wedding is valid. These legal issues will vary across different states and even counties, so be sure to go into the event properly informed and prepared.

Programs and Technology

Familiarizing yourself with the proper technology and digital platforms will help you have the best virtual wedding possible. Video chatting applications such as Skype, Zoom, and Houseparty provide the space for multiple people to convene in the same chat room. In fact, professional online wedding planning services Wedfuly and Zoom have partnered to help provide the perfect virtual wedding!

Some programs offer a paid premium service that offers benefits such as larger chat rooms, so be sure to find out what your needs are beforehand and pick a service that can offer the best experience. You could also live-stream the wedding over a social media network such as Facebook Live or Instagram Live.

You will also need the proper equipment for your virtual wedding. Any online video chat service can be accessed from a smartphone, tablet, or computer. A computer is best suited for a virtual wedding because the larger screen makes it easier to see everybody and the keyboard allows for text chat and helps in the event of any technical difficulties.

While devices already have microphones, you may want to purchase a stand-alone one for this occasion because it will allow other people on the chat to hear you more clearly. You should also test your internet connection beforehand to ensure it is strong enough to handle the event. You may want to position yourself close to the router, as this will help strengthen the signal.

When combining technology and a large number of people, any number of things can go wrong. For example, someone’s internet may go out or someone may try to talk with their microphone on mute. Be prepared for any issues on your end or someone else’s, and you can patiently work to find a quick solution.

Invitations and Security

If you had a wedding scheduled in the coming months, you have likely already been in communication with guests concerning the in-person event’s postponement. Be sure to provide clear information about your virtual ceremony just as you did for the physical event. Through the wedding website or email, clearly provide guests with the necessary information. The date, time, and platform should be clearly stated for the guest’s convenience.

You should also specify the time zone, in the event that guests are geographically spread out. It helps to provide a link that leads directly to the video chat room, as this makes everything much easier for guests. Make sure any online chat room is password-protected and only accessible via an invitation to help prevent unwanted entrants.

Dress Up!

Most of us are spending this time of social distancing wearing a rotation of comfy sweatpants or pajamas. For your virtual wedding, dress up just as you would’ve for your in-person wedding! Donning your tuxedo, suit, or dress for the virtual ceremony will provide a nice change of pace from your usual home outfit. In a time when every new day may seem just like the one before, dressing up will feel like an escape from your routine.

Don’t forget to accessorize for your virtual wedding! Your nicest jewelry can help enhance your formal attire and make you shine on-screen! However, the most important accessory of any wedding is the ring. Exchanging wedding and engagement rings is a beautiful part of any ceremony and can still be done virtually. Show off your new wedding rings in front of the camera and allow guests to take pictures of a memory that will last a lifetime.


There are many simple ways to entertain during a virtual wedding. Most, if not all, video chat programs allow you to use features such as stickers and photos to liven up the chatroom. Many people love changing their backgrounds so it will look like you’re getting married somewhere completely different! It can easily look like you’re at the beach, in the mountains, a famous chapel, or anywhere you want.

Music and dancing are staples at all weddings and can help liven up your virtual ceremony. Play music in the chatroom and encourage guests to dance in front of their cameras. You can play traditional wedding music or any song you’d like, as you have entire music libraries available just a few keystrokes away!

What good is a wedding without delicious food and drinks? You can prepare yourself a nice dinner akin to a wedding feast. You can even bake a cake for the ceremonial cutting portion of the wedding, which guests will love! You can also encourage guests to toast with champagne or another drink of choice.

A virtual wedding can provide you, your partner, and guests with a much-needed escape from the outside world. This current situation is only temporary. Soon enough, you’ll get to celebrate your wedding in person with your closest family and friends together.