Bad Ass Anniversary Gifts

9 Badass Anniversary Gifts

Stephanie Bregman

January 15, 2020

Your Love Is Not Ordinary, So Your Gift Shouldn’t Be Either!

So it’s your anniversary. Sure, you could go with the same old same old. You could get him the male equivalent of flowers and a box of chocolates, like a t-shirt or a nice pair of pants. That’ll be enough to get you the “Ah … Oh, cool. Thank you” reaction. But if you want something more—the “OH MY GOD THIS IS AMAZING” jaw-to-the-floor type reaction—you will have to venture out there a little bit and get something that encapsulates your partner. Luckily for you, we have unique gifts for every type of guy, whether he is into whiskey, tech, or life experiences.


  1. Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Select – For the guy who enjoys the finer whiskeys in life, it would be foolish to pass up on this bottle of Jack Daniel’s. Yes, Jack Daniel’s is known for mixing in a Coke rather than sipping it straight, but that all changes with the Sinatra edition. Frank Sinatra was a huge fan of Jack Daniel’s, often sipping a glass of it on stage. And, to honor Frank’s dedication to the drink, Jack Daniel’s made this special edition. Costing around $150 a bottle, this is not your run-of-the-mill whiskey. This whiskey is matured in special barrels that give it a smokier flavor with hints of honey and caramel. One sip, and you will realize why Jack Daniel’s says it’s as “smooth as Sinatra.”
  2. Mantello 100 Cigar Desktop HumidorIf cigars are his thing, and he is still stashing them in the freezer to preserve their quality (or even worse, letting them sit in a drawer), then you need to do him a favor and get him one of these. This stylish humidor will have the capacity to hold as many cigars one man would have. On top of that, it is stylish and will look fantastic wherever you decide to stick it. But the best thing will be when he smokes his next cigar and it’s perfectly fresh. (Outside of a humidor, a cigar will go dry within three days, leading to a much less desirable smoke.)
  3. Anti-Snoring Smart PillowYes, this is a real thing. The future is an amazing place, isn’t it? This pillow detects snoring and slowly adjusts the pillow as they sleep for a better and more breathable sleeping position. A good night’s sleep is important to a person’s overall mood. If he is snoring, it is likely not only interrupting your sleep, it is interrupting his. He may need to have a little sense of humor, but this could be a great gift. Not only for him but for you as well.
  1. Portable Second Monitor for LaptopAlways working on the go? This portable screen for his laptop can be a lifesaver. The ability to have a document on one screen while typing up a report on the other can increase work speed immensely. More than that, this product can be used for presentations during any coffee shop business meetings, as the screen swivels around, attaching to the back of your laptop. You will make his work on the go a whole lot easier.
  2. Sonos Play 1This little speaker can throw out some amazing sound. It’s perfect for the audiophile. They also get better the more you get. Why? Because you can individually control them from the Sonos app. Want to play the same music throughout the entire house? No problem. Don’t want to listen to (even though you love him very much) his terrible music tastes? Log-on to the app and play something different on the speaker near you. This speaker can keep everyone happy.
  3. A One-of-a-Kind Piece of JewelryWant to get him a new wedding band or a standout piece of jewelry? Manly Bands is the way to go. The company offers unique and stylish rings at prices that don’t require you to take out a second mortgage on the home. They have everything from simple and classic gold-plated rings to unexpectedly original styles featuring tungsten, stone, and antler. You can even customize a ring to your specifications, making the ring perfectly tailored to represent him and your relationship.
  1. Trade Coffee SubscriptionLike to try new things? Married to a big coffee guy? This Trade Coffee subscription is a must. You can customize your subscription extensively. From what type of bean you want to how exotic you want the coffee to taste and even basing it on how you make your coffee. Each time you receive an order, you say whether or not you liked the coffee. This helps them identify what type of coffee they are going to send you next.Before you know it, if he wasn’t already, he will be a coffee connoisseur.
  2. Ticket Stub Diary – If you enjoy going to sporting events, concerts, or movies together, this ticket stub diary will help you keep track of the memories that you make. In our digital world, physical booklets like this have gone out of style. However, there is just something about physically turning the pages of this booklet to remember all the places you have been. In this booklet, there are little areas to write notes on the side to call back to those specific experiences. Even if you had a horrible time, where the concert rained all night and your cellphone got so soaked it stopped working, when you come back to it in this notebook, it turns into something you can laugh and remember together.
  3. Airbnb Gift Card – Okay, truth be told, a gift card is not exactly “jaw-dropping.” It is what the gift card allows you two to do that is. Whether you want to vacation in the hustle and bustle of a city or have a romantic getaway in a secluded cabin in the woods, Airbnb has plenty of affordable options to make it happen. Also, since it is a gift card, you two can plan it out together. That can be half the fun—getting all excited to go, looking at the places that you can visit. So, whether it is a fun week-long vacation or just a weekend getaway, an Airbnb gift card can get you there.

Giving from the Heart

Truly, it doesn’t matter what you give, as long as it’s something that’s thoughtful. Spending the time to come up with an extra-special present will mean more to him than the gift itself!


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