Invest in Relationships; Rent the Details

June 19, 2019

Your wedding is more than a bunch of traditions, and so are your rental options. Incorporating non-traditional wedding rentals into your celebration makes a lasting impression. Savvy brides know that renting is integral to the modern wedding planning process. By renting, couples delegate the gritty details of setup and tear down to rental companies while they focus on their families, friends, and each other. We’ve created a list of unique rental items to help you add a “wow factor” to your celebration while keeping your purchase priorities in order.


In 2019, glassware isn’t just for making toasts. This top wedding decor trend is a crisp understated way to embellish your reception. Not sure what you would do with a collection of uniquely shaped glass bottles after your wedding? Neither are we! Your wedding is about making a commitment to your life partner, not glass bottles, so, rent away!

Mood Lighting

Are you more daiquiris and disco than chandeliers and champagne? Set the tone of your wedding by renting unique mood lighting. We absolutely love this Louisiana couple’s choice to light up their reception with a NOLA sign. They lived up to their city’s anthem by letting the good times roll with a midnight leap into the pool.

Vintage Trailers

Bring on the vintage vibes! The only thing your guests will enjoy more than the open bar is having their drink served to them from a vintage trailer. We love the boho, wanderlust aesthetic of Bubble Tap New Orleans’ mobile Prosecco bar & photo booth. Vintage trailer rental companies offer a variety of services including food and wine, photo booths, and portable beauty bars! Plus, they’re totally Insta-worthy!

Rescue Dogs

Animal lovers can incorporate rescue dogs into their wedding. Not only does this turn your reception into a puppy party, it’s a way to give back! Some local shelters are willing to loan their furry friends for receptions. This is a budget friendly rental option. Shelters are often happy to accommodate in exchange for a few promotional photos, and you can encourage your guests to take a dog home with them! This is the ultimate choice for animal lovers who want to showcase their values.

A wedding is basically two people saying, “I love what we have going; let’s keep doing it forever.” Your wedding should showcase what makes you and your groom unique. Renting unexpected features is the perfect way to incorporate your personalities into your celebration.

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