Bring on the Wedding Day Bling

Bring on the Bling: 9 Ways to Add Some Sparkle to Your Wedding Look

March 6, 2019

Ice, ice baby! If you’re the type of bride who leaves a trail of glitter wherever she goes, then you simply won’t feel like yourself on your special day unless you’re dripping in shimmer. You already special-ordered sequined table runners, hot glued the rhinestones onto your centerpieces and handpicked a gem-encrusted cake. Now it’s time to add some sparkle to your wedding look, from hairpiece to high-heels.

Even if you’re not a glitter queen and you just feel like a little bit of shimmer will help tie together your wedding style, you’ll find that these sparkly suggestions can be administered in small or large doses for the right effect.

  1. Keep it Glam with Jewelry— Ice is nice! Of course, the simplest way to up your glitter game is through a pretty piece of jewelry. Not sure where to start? The neckline is as good a place as any! To ensure that everything looks on the money, spend some time and choose carefully. Make sure that your metals match your dress (in other words, don’t go yellow gold when your dress is dripping in platinum) and be sure to choose a style that complements the neckline of your dress. Go crazy with glitzy earrings and bracelets but keep the rings minimal so the focus stays on the main attraction: your wedding and engagement ring.
  2. Make Your Makeup Mesmerizing — Not big on crafting? No worries. You can infuse some subtle or statement shimmer into your wedding day look with your makeup. Whether it’s an all-natural look complemented by sparkly lip gloss and shimmer shadow or next-level rhinestone eyelashes and face gems, there are thousands of ways to integrate a light-catching look into your big-day beauty plan.
  3. Act Like Royalty with a Tiara — There are only a few times in your life when you can wear a crown all day with no one batting an eye —your birthday, your bachelorette party and your wedding day. Tiaras vary widely on the sparkle spectrum, from small and dainty mini tiaras that rest on the back of your updo to full-fledged crowns encrusted with coveted jewels. Crowns can be classic with princess-like peaks or earthy and elegant with golden leaves and sparkle accents reminiscent of a Greek goddess.
  4. Bedazzle Your Bouquet —Do not deprive your fabulous florals of the chance to sparkle, too! There are so many unique ways to glitz up your bouquet, from using rhinestone stem wraps to incorporating glitter-sprayed roses. You can also add some big-time bling by skipping the fresh flowers all together and carrying a truly mesmerizing brooch bouquet, which you can make yourself using second-hand brooches, earrings, pins and other accents you can find used. Be sure to carry the glittery love into your reception centerpieces, too!
  5. Add Sparkle with a Belt— Wedding sashes are always an ideal opportunity to add some more glitz and glam. The beauty of the wedding belt is that it can be as subtle or as commanding as you like. Plus, you can make one yourself using matching fabric and some eye-catching gemstone beads. Note that your sash will effectively become a part of your wedding gown — it may be someone’s something borrowed someday — so you should choose only high-quality gems. You might even opt to bedazzle with semi-precious gems, like crystal quartz or Oregon sunstone.

Add sparkle with a belt

  1. Showcase a Sparkly Brooch — Speaking of sparkly brooches, you can also skip all the crafting and affix one directly to your gown to add some big-time sparkle or to honor your perfect something borrowed. Vintage crystal or rhinestone brooches can be repurposed to add some sparkle to your sash, hairpiece, veil or jewelry, but there’s nothing wrong with using one to accent your gown, as well. Use a particularly eye-catching one to gather fabric to the side, add an accent to your neckline or conceal an imperfection.
  2. Put Some Sparkle in Your Step— You want to shine from head to toe, and we don’t blame you! There are hundreds of ways you can add some sparkle to your bridal shoes without feeling like you’re wearing the bridal version of ruby slippers. There is amazing news for brides who love next-level glitz and glam, too: Sparkly shoes are super-hot right now, so you won’t have any trouble finding a pair that’s jewel-encrusted all over. If you’ve already got your heart set on a pair of non-jeweled shoes, don’t be afraid to add a rhinestone or two to glam things up!
  3. Add a Little Detail with Sparkly Nails— The glitter manicure is the great equalizer, beloved among casual glitter fans as well as diehard sparkle freaks. Thus, you can use it to add a subtle layer of sweet shimmer or to make sure that you’re drenched in glitz from head to toe. What’s more, glitter polish (or gel or dip powder, depending on what you’re into) runs the gamut from subtle to over-the-top. If you want to keep things purely bridal with a little shine, stick with an iridescent soft pink or ivory. If you want to go viral-worthy, jewel-encrusted mania, go all out with multidimensional crystal embellishments.
  4. Let Your Veil Shine with a Little Twinkle— Who says your veil has to be left unadorned? We all know that tulle is better when it sparkles! These days, you can buy bridal veils pre-adorned with pretty glitter trim, rhinestone-dotted lace or sewn-in sparkles, but you can also take a basic or second-hand veil and transform it into something that’s more your style with some craft gems and a hot glue gun. It’s all about celebrating your unique personality as you walk down the aisle.

Let Your Inner Glitter-Lover Loose

Let Your Inner Glitter-Lover Loose

Remember: there are no rules to glitzing and glamming, especially on your wedding day. If you’re perfectly fine with some barely-there shimmer, don’t force yourself to wear head-to-toe gemstones. If you don’t feel totally complete without lots and lots of shimmer, then pile it on proudly! Let your inner shimmer queen loose!

Roxy Burg is the Marketing Manager for Beads of Cambay. She is very passionate about channeling her creativity. When she is not busy writing, she loves working on projects ranging from jewelry making to crafting. Roxy gets her inspiration from nature and seeing the beauty in everyday life.