Planning a wedding in Italy. Photo by Cinzia Bruschini

5 Steps for Planning a Wedding in Italy

January 2, 2019

So you’ve decided to have your wedding in Italy, but what’s next? If you’re like most people, you are overwhelmed by the sheer volume of decisions to make and hundreds of vendors promising you the best experience. Hiring a production agency with expertise running events all over the country can remove the stress from you. They take care of the details so you don’t have to!  Here are five tips for organizing  Florence weddings, Rome weddings or an Italian wedding anywhere else in Italy.

1. Choose your venue wisely

This may sound obvious and can be the case of any location, but in Italy in particular, choosing your venue is very important. Italy is known as a cultural hub within Europe. With many of the world’s most recognized works of art, museums, religious relics, historical sites, architecture and even food – choosing a location that highlights these things for your wedding is all too important.

Across Italy there are many different varieties of venues to choose from. Chic Weddings advises: “choose a venue that both appropriately represents Italian culture while incorporating must-haves for you and your partner”.

Italy has so many options for venues including beachfront, vineyards and even castles. Keep in mind what is most important for you and your family along with what aspects of Italy are your favorite for a setting that satisfies everyone.

Pro tip: Italy is home to some of Europe’s most luxurious resorts and estates. Take advantage of the land, on-site facilities and accommodations all-in-one that are offered across Italy.

2. Choose the right photographer

Booking the right photographer is an important step in planning your wedding in Italy. The country is home to some of the most romantic and classic backdrops of wedding locations from around the world. From panoramic views to grand Cathedrals, Tuscan hills to historic architecture, you will want great pictures from every corner of your venue.

Having a photographer who knows the country well will make a huge difference for your big day. Choosing someone with specific knowledge of the city or region where you are hosting your event, is even better. They will be able to navigate things like the timing of the sun, crowds and even setting up shots that will make a world of a difference. Even if you love the work of someone who is based in the US, it may not translate well in Italy unless they have the appropriate experience or can rely on the local knowledge of your expert wedding planning agency.

Pro tip: Spend time choosing a photographer who will get every shot just right. You can only have one set of wedding photos!

3. Make a trip out of it

If you are planning a destination wedding in Italy, you should plan accordingly to spend as much time as possible in Italy itself. The country is teeming with activity, from museums and nightclubs, to culinary tours and culture to soak in. Plan a vacation around your big day to allow for you to either explore and get energized for a few days before the event or after all of the stress and madness, to unwind and soak in the romance of Italy with newly married eyes.

Encourage your guests and wedding party to similarly enjoy their stay! You will be wasting an opportunity to fall in love with one of Europe’s greatest countries if you don’t plan on exploring. Provide your guests with detailed travel tips on what to pack, what to visit, a list of hidden treasures and best places to try.

Pro tip: A wedding website is always well appreciated and a pre-event letter emailed to guests with a recap of activities and suggestions on what to discover can really go a long way.

4. Embrace the culture

Whether it’s in the food or in the styling of the venue, make sure to always preserve Italy’s beautiful culture in every aspect of the wedding.

Italy is known for its artwork. Showcase it whenever possible. Italian food is widely regarded as one of the most popular cuisines in the entire world, and for a good reason. Look for a true Italian catering team to support that deeply ingrained tradition of delicious food at your wedding.

Pro tip: No matter how you choose to do it, understanding and embracing the essence of Italy is a piece of the event that takes the entire thing from ordinary to extraordinary.

5. Choose the right time of day

Timing your event is crucial, no matter where you are in Italy. The country is home to some of the most dramatic landscapes anywhere, but that can present with issues when timing an event for the heat, direct sunlight.

The sun hitting the hills of Tuscany and cascading over the iconic rooftops will make your wedding photos that much more beautiful, however you want to ensure that the light is just right and doesn’t affect your face expression or the shot . The beauty of a clifftop sunset will not be tainted by a little dust wind. And a mountain wedding in the Dolomites will be that much more ethereal amidst an early morning winter snow.

However you choose to time it, considering where the sun is in the sky and what the weather plans to be is an important element that shouldn’t be overlooked when planning a wedding in Italy.


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