The Grooms Checklist

The Groom’s Checklist

February 28, 2018

When it comes to wedding prep, there’s typically a lot of focus on the bride. Hair, makeup, tanning, the list goes on and on when it comes to bridal beauty prep. However, what about our grooms? Grooms need to prep too, and they might not know where to start. That’s why we’ve compiled a checklist that our husbands-to-be can check out, so they’re just as prepared to say “I do.”

Initial celebrations

Some couples celebrate their engagement with engagement parties, formal dinners with both sets of parents or grabbing cocktails with friends. Check in with your groom- or bride-to-be to figure out plans and see how you can help with the pre-wedding celebrations.

Grab your groomsmen

You’re engaged. The wedding planning is starting, and you’re ready to choose who is going to stand up there with you at the end of the aisle. Siblings, friends, soon to be in-laws, think about who you want to be a groomsman in your wedding and start asking them.

The logistics

From booking a venue, choosing a DJ, attending cake and food tastings, making deposits and so much more, there is a lot that has to get done before the big day. Work closely with your partner, so you both are on the same-page with the budget and details. For ideas on how to add your own personal touch, check out our Grooms Get Personal blog post!

Outfits and fittings

Once the color scheme is chosen, you’ll have to start thinking about what you and your groomsmen are going to wear. From shirt style to tie print and pocket square color, there are several details to keep in mind when choosing your outfit and coordinating with the entire wedding party. And make sure you set up your fittings in advance, so you have the perfect fit by the time the wedding rolls around.

Personal prep

Hair, skin and nails will all come into play when you’re in front of the camera and when all eyes are on you. After all, grooms want to look good too. Take your vitamins, prevent any hair thinning or loss with a simple hair kit and keep your skin clean, hydrated and taken care of to keep any breakouts or redness from happening. If you know that you look great, you’re going to feel great too.

Wedding day plans

It might seems as simple as “just show up!” when it comes to the wedding day itself, but there’s a little bit more to consider. Figure out who you want to be getting ready with you, who you want to take pre-wedding photos with, how much time you have to get ready and where you’re going to be getting ready. This will help the day start off smoothly and will keep everyone up to speed on where they need to be and when.

Don’t forget gifts

It can be hard to figure out gifts for your attendees, since so many people are involved with the wedding. First things first, do something special for your groom or bride for the morning of the wedding. A quick, heartfelt note or a personalized token of your day, he or she is sure to adore the gesture. Grab something for your best man and groomsman, and as a couple you’ll find something small for your ring bearer and flower girl. You also have the option to get something for your parents and grandparents as well. It’s never a bad idea to give your parents something sentimental, especially if they’re helping out with the wedding.

Get married.

This one explains itself. The prep is over, the details are set into place, and the big day is here. Make the most of it and enjoy the celebration of saying “I do” to the one you love.

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