Unique getaway vehicles

Fun Ideas for Your Wedding Exit

November 29, 2017

The need for transportation vehicles before, during and after your ceremony and reception is an obvious one but why not choose your mode of transportation based on the style of your wedding. Going with a classic and formal wedding? Then book a stretch limousine and travel in style. Creating a Gatsby theme? Try a white Rolls Royce for that unique style.

Unique transportation choices make fun send-off’s for your getaway after your ceremony or reception and can also create excellent photo opportunities. Here are a few more ideas for you depending upon what you’re planning for your own day.

Party Bus

Have a large wedding party? Get a party bus large enough for the entire wedding party and it makes getting to your destination half the fun! You’ll have a professional driver who will get you all to your destination on time and together. No need to give people directions or worry about people drinking and driving. Start your party before you get to the reception. Plus, the bus can double as a shuttle for your guests to get to their overnight accommodations in style and safely!

Party bus from Go Riteway


Much like the party bus, a trolley can hold a large group of people but has a completely different style. These unique forms of transportation are reminiscent of the mass transport that was used in cities across the country a hundred years ago. They are generally fully enclosed and are built with wood benches and chrome or brass rails throughout.

wedding transportation by trolley

She Thinks your Tractor’s Sexy!

Having a rustic or barn wedding?  What better way to be transported from ceremony to reception than on or in a tractor! It’s fun and totally appropriate for the flavor of your wedding. Plus, most farms have them and they make great photo opportunities. Pair some colorful boots or cowboy hats with your wedding attire to add a little touch to your photos. Then, add a trailer and some hay and you have a great hayride for your guests.

getaway on a tractor


Having your wedding at a golf course? Utilize one of their golf carts as your getaway vehicle and decorate it in your wedding colors. You can even have more than one golf cart to include your wedding party as you exit from your ceremony to your reception.

Unique getaway on a golf cart

Pedal Powered Transportation

Whether you share a bike, ride a tandem bike or even have a rickshaw carriage being pulled by a driver, pedal powered bikes can be a very intimate and unique mode of transportation. There’s just something so romantic about a couple on a bike together. Plus, they’re easy to personalize, inexpensive and are eco-friendly!

bicycle transportation bride and groom

Winter Wedding Transportation

Winter weddings can be quite beautiful (especially if you’re lucky to catch a fresh snowfall) but can sometimes be challenging when it comes to transportation. Of course you can go with a four wheel drive vehicle but you can also try some other fun alternatives. Horse drawn carriages, horseback, snowmobile, sled, ice skates, or even a dog sled are among the many options. Not only can these ideas be fun – but they make great photo opportunities!

groom pulling his bride on a sled

By Water or By Air

Are you an adrenaline junky? Arriving or departing your wedding by air or by sea can be totally unique and of course FUN! You will have certain logistic considerations of course but it could be worth it in the end. If you’re a real airplane fan, consider your ceremony or reception at an airport or museum if you have one in your area. And of course, you’ll need to be by a body of water to arrive by boat! Many yacht clubs or seaside towns have multiple choices for ceremonies and receptions right on the shore. Sunsets on water can be beautiful!

flying to your wedding in an airplane

Vintage and Classic Cars

Whether you’re a fan of vintage cars or you’re having a Gatsby themed wedding, there are a lot of classic cars out there to transport you in style. You’re in luck if you have a family member with a car, but if you don’t, don’t fret as many car rental companies have unique classic cars for you to rent. And if you’re so inclined, many can also come with chauffeur to drive you around in style.

Classic Car getaway for bride and groom