Grooms with superhero t-shirts

Grooms Get Personal: Cigar Bars, Signature Drinks & Superhero Tees

March 22, 2017

Today’s weddings are all about personality. What makes your relationship special? What are the loves, quirks, and values that set you apart from other couples, and how can you work them into your wedding for an unforgettable celebration that’s unique to you? With such an emphasis on getting personal, it’s important that brides also include their grooms in the planning process to let his personality shine through, too.

To start, ask your groom what he’d like to have the most influence on in the planning process. He might want to choose the videographer, the DJ, or pick the song for when the bridal party marches in. While it’s true that many grooms are happy to leave the details to their brides, you don’t know if you don’t ask!

If in doubt, an easy place to start is the food and drinks: Consider serving a bride’s choice and a groom’s choice for dinner. Yours might be grilled salmon and asparagus, his might be a burger with everything on it — but that’s what makes it fun! The same can be said of a bride’s drink and groom’s drink; it’s a chance to show off both of your tastes, rather than just one girly cocktail.


You could do the same for dessert, or if you’re going with a tiered cake, have a smaller groom’s cake made just for him. Traditionally, the groom’s cake is an opportunity to indulge in a richer, often-chocolatey cake in addition to the main white, fluffy wedding cake. But brides today are taking the tradition to the next level, surprising their grooms with cakes shaped like Star Wars characters, the helmet of their favorite football team, or anything related to their fella’s go-to hobby.

You can add even more groom-inspired touches to the reception with special stations for the boys. For example, you might offer an after-dinner smoke and sip: A cigar buffet and whiskey or scotch bar adds a manly, classy touch to the celebration.

Don’t forget to encourage your groom to wear his personality on his sleeve! While brides are now donning flower crowns and pop-of-color shoes to show some style, grooms can (and should!) do the same. The traditional black tux is no longer the a uniform. Rather, grooms are choosing made-to-order suits that work with their personal style. Colored suits in deep blue, forest green, or wine red — even patterned suiting — are a head-turning way to go.

If your groom is married to more traditional suiting, that doesn’t mean he can’t still incorporate a subtle pop of personality. Fun socks are the easiest way to go, especially if all of the groomsmen participate — it’s a great photo-op! Or, if your husband-to-be is a lovable geek, encourage him to wear his nerd armor under his suit: Grooms and groomsmen donning superhero tees under their dress shirts makes for another fun photo-op.

In the end, remember this is the groom’s wedding as much as the bride’s. Ask for his input and encourage him to put his own personal spin on the day. It’ll make your wedding all more the meaningful and unforgettable.

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