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Different Types of Wedding Ring Engravings

November 1, 2016

For centuries, couples have inscribed personal mottoes and poetry inside their engagement rings and wedding bands. An inscribed message inside a wedding band can serve as both a private shared sentiment and as a poignant reminder that each can look at for the rest of their lives.

If you’re considering a wedding band inscription, there are a few things to consider. What you want to say as a couple is the first consideration. Whether you wish commemorate your day inside your rings, choose a famous quotation that captures a shared sentiment, or a inscribe a song title or lyrics that holds special meaning for the two of you, you want it to be heartfelt.

No matter what you choose, your jeweler may be able to do the inscription in-house. Depending on the complexity of the engraving, your jeweler may need to refer you to an engraver. Make sure that it won’t be too long before you get the rings back, give the engraver plenty of time before the wedding day.

The cost of engraving wedding rings can vary depending on whether you opt for machine or for hand engraving. Machine engraving generally will cost approximately $10 – $30 for up to 15 characters. Hand engraving is a very nice touch, but it costs more at a cost of $75 – $100 or more for 8 – 10 characters. Whether you want to have a simple phrase, or one that takes up two lines or more, be sure to ask your engraver what is possible for them to do. If cost is a consideration, brevity may be best.

Most jewelers and engravers are capable of doing one or even two lines or engraving. If you just can’t seem to sum your love up into a few words, however, it is possible for the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) to microscopically inscribe a message or even a graphic if you wish. Microscopic inscriptions are invisible to the eye but become visible with the aid of a magnifying glass. A microscopic engraving can also serve as a one-of-a kind identifier should a ring ever be stolen or lost.

Here are a few of some of the most popular types of things that couples have chosen to engrave on their wedding bands.

When making a choice of what to engrave on a wedding band, many couples will simply choose their wedding date along with their initials, for example. It’s a great reminder to ensure that neither one of you ever forgets your anniversary!

Here are some other ideas that you might consider when making your choice of what to say inside your wedding bands.

  • You are mine, forever
  • I love you
  • My heart is in your hands
  • To my Pookie (or other nickname)
  • For my partner in crime (dd-mm-yy)
  • “Where there is love, there is life.” – Mahatma Gandhi
  • Forever Yours
  • For eternity
  • It had to be you
  • Forever
  • Endless love
  • Forever young, together old
  • In Hand, In Heart
  • Come with me to our secret garden
  • United as One
  • You have my heart
  • Until the stars fall
  • Soul mates
  • You are my Happily Ever After
  • Mine!
  • God for me provided thee
  • She walks in beauty
  • Keeper of my heart
  • In thy breast my heart doth rest (Old English)
  • May the warm winds of Heaven blow softly upon us (Cherokee)

Some couples will decide to say their sentiment in another language. Here are some examples of inscriptions for wedding bands from around the world that other couples have chosen.

  • Je t’aime (I love you, French)
  • Mon amour (My love, French)
  • Vous et nul autre ( You and no other, 15th Century, French)
  • Pour tous jours (For all days, 15th-century French)
  • Joie sans fin (Joy without end, French)
  • Mon coeur est a vous (You have my heart, French)
  • Il mio cuore e il tuo per sempre (My heart is yours forever, Italian)
  • Semper fidelis (Always faithful, Latin)
  • Pari passu (With equal step, Latin)
  • Meruti (Love, Ancient Egyptian)
  • Ankh, udja, seneb (life, prosperity, & health, Ancient Egyptian)

Popular culture has even made its way into the realm of wedding engravings. Below are some of the more famous lines from film, television and popular music that have been engraved inside wedding rings.

  • May the Force be with us (Star Wars)
  • As you wish. (The Princess Bride)
  • May we live long and Prosper
  • Nothing else matters (Lyrics, Metallica)
  • You make me live, You’re my best friend (Queen, lyrics)
  • I love to see your eyes shine when you laugh (Lord of the Rings, Tolkien)

Faith is a deeply personal thing for many couples. Religious texts may serve as a source of inspiration.  There are countless scriptural passages that have found their way inside wedding bands that serve as reminders of faith.

  • Mizpah (May the Lord watch between you and me when we are absent from one another, Hebrew, Genesis 31:49)
  • Ani L’dodi V’dodi Li (My beloved is mine and I am his, Hebrew, Song of Solomon 2:16)
  • Harey at mekuddeshet li b’taba’at zo k’dat Moshe v’Israel (Behold, thou art consecrated unto me with this ring according to the Law of Moses and of Israel, (Hebrew).
  • May you ever be captivated by her love  (Proverbs 5:19)
  • Where you go I will go, and where you stay I will stay.(Ruth 1:16-17)

It is even possible for special characters or graphics to be inscribed inside of wedding bands, too. Languages such as Hebrew, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Russian (Cyrillic) and many other languages including Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs and even Tolkien’s Elvish have found their way inside of wedding bands.  Not every engraver can accommodate every kind of request or has the capability to engrave special symbols or graphics. However, it doesn’t hurt to ask. If you and your beloved have your heart set on something special, and your jeweler can’t do it, you can ask for a referral or find something else that’s equally fitting for the two of you.

Be sure to check the spelling before you submit your special message to your jeweler to be engraved inside your rings. For engravings in a language that you are less than fluent in, consult with an expert who can give you an accurate translation.  Be sure to check it all again in order to ensure the message of love you want to convey to your spouse is just right.

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