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Cutting Edge Cakes

October 15, 2016

Besides the bride’s wedding gown, the wedding cake is an iconic element and centerpiece for all wedding ceremonies. Wedding cakes give a bride and the groom an opportunity to express their personal style and preference with designs and delightful flavors. With the new season of weddings, we have found three of our favorite cutting edge cakes.

Less is Best

If there is an area in your wedding to tackle with simplicity, it is the wedding cake. Cakes adorned with butter cream frosting and succulents or fresh flowers make a stunning statement that your guests will love. ‘Naked’ wedding cakes, which skip the traditional outer layer of icing, are also simple and sophisticated with seasonal flowers on top of the layers of decadent cake.

Fashion Forward

The Pantone Color Institute releases their seasonal colors that influence all areas of fashion and wedding industry. Wedding cakes with icing and accents influenced by fashionable colors are visual stars at the wedding reception. Your baker and florist can create a cohesive look for your wedding reception using fashion forward colors and decorations that will highlight your wedding cake.

Uniquely You

Many grooms have decided to break away from the traditional custom of the chocolate groom’s cake with strawberries. Now grooms’ cakes reflect a myriad of interests from a love of sports, to a passion for music and the enjoyment of the outdoors. Wedding guests appreciate enjoying a tasty groom’s cake that reflects the personal interests of the groom.

Wedding cakes always will be a classic centerpiece for the wedding reception. They can express the personal style, interest and taste of the bride and groom. Memorable designs and unforgettable flavors will make cutting edge cakes a crowd favorite for all wedding receptions.

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