DaNay and Rick’s motorcycle themed wedding at Stone Cellar

August 18, 2016

Story written by DaNay

As a teacher having summers off is great but I like to stay busy, so just before the summer of 2011 I got a job as a waitress at one of my favorite restaurants in Appleton, Stone Cellar Brewpub. Little did I know the cute, quiet guy who was cooking there would one day be my husband. I only saw Rick through the opening on the line for many weeks. Whenever we’d run into each other he would simply say hi, smile, and walk away. I would catch him stealing looks at me when I’d roll silverware but he kept his distance.   I have never been around someone who was speechless when they’d try to talk to me and found him intriguing. Rick says he knew right away he wanted to talk to me but was waiting for the right moment. Eventually we hung out outside of work and found out we have a lot of the same interests.

I was reluctant at first to date Rick since he was so different from me. I am strong willed (or as some people say STUBBORN) I like to stay busy working 3 jobs, and am well organized. Rick on the other hand is laid back and easy going. Yet when it came to me, Rick was very persistent and soon made me his. Dating was a lovely mix of spending time together off the clock at Stone Cellar, going to shows, and staying in grading papers and getting shoulder rubs. One of our favorite things to do together was to go to Déjà vu martini lounge and watch a Jazz band, Jazz Orgy. Rick soon became my best friend and our relationship grew. We learned how to balance each other out and as time went by we fell more and more in love.

New Year’s Eve 2013 we were leaving Rick’s parent’s house and he had me go start the car. I found this to be very strange because like a gentlemen, he typically starts the car for me, but I said yes and didn’t think anything of it. Little did I know he was distracting me so he could grab the engagement ring. We then went to Déjà vu Martini Lounge for their New Year’s Eve party. Although the bar was packed and hot, Rick would not take off his jacket. I found this strange again. Rick intently watched the clock and kept telling me how close it was until midnight. I just thought he was excited for a New Year’s kiss. But as the clock struck midnight Rick pulled out the ring and popped the question. I was so surprised and suddenly all his strange behaviors made sense to me. I excitedly said yes and got a New Year’s kiss from my new fiancé.

Our vision for the wedding was a classic timeless feel with an alternative twist. We wanted to do all the tradition things but make it fun and edgy. Riverview’s beautiful woodwork gave us the classic look we hoped for and my wedding planner Sarah Welch from Eventful made the space unique and fun. Our passion for motorcycles helped bring us together and they were featured prominently at our wedding. Walking up to the building our guests were greeted with the motorcycles lined up and looking their shiny best with the backdrop of the classic building, capturing our wedding theme and setting the stage before the guests even walked in the door.

Our wedding was a collection of things that all had incredible meaning to the two of us. Our location Riverview Gardens is part of Stone Cellar, where we met. Our cocktail hour band, Jazz Orgy, the jazz band we always went to see together. It was just amazing to us that everything that made our relationship special could be incorporated to great success in the wedding. Even the decorations, or rather especially the decorations, were meaningful parts of Us that we could showcase and enjoy. Metal and chrome were carefully woven into the decorating scheme with some beautiful and unique pieces Rick had welded for me- including something he called the “Best Girlfriend Trophy” and a “LOVE” piece he welded from nuts and bolts. It worked amazingly with our black, gray, and red colors. Rick’s boutonniere was a sparkplug that was made into something elegant. Our guest signed a shell of a motorcycle gas tank instead of a traditional guestbook. Also incredibly important to us, my mothers and fathers motorcycle jackets from the 80’s, that Rick and I wear, were used as a backdrop for several of our other pieces.

One of my favorite moments from the wedding was our dinner. Rick and I decided to have a private meal apart from our guests. It gave us some time to be alone together to reflect on our big day. Many friends had told us they barely got to see their new spouse at their wedding and this gave us a magical moment together on a day that was all about us. The best part of this meal was a special surprise from my new husband. He’d asked my brother to serenade us with the saxophone. My brother was a very gifted musician but hadn’t played in years. To find out Rick had contacted him months before and my brother had started playing again, and for me, was moving.  The time for us together with beautiful music I’d thought I’d never hear again, was truly special.

 Reflecting on all the moments that lead us together, inspired a wedding that was tailored perfectly for us. The people and memories that were important to our relationship contributed to a truly special day. Our wedding turned out to be everything we imagined and so much more.

Wisconsin Wedding Vendors:

Photographer~ Gosia’s Photography

Venue~Stone Cellar at Riverview Gardens

Coordinator~ Stone Cellar at Riverview Gardens

Wedding planner~Eventful- Sarah Welch

Bridal Dress~ Oleg Cassini-David’s Bridal

Caterer~ Stone Cellar

Entertainment~ Jazz Orgy

Entertainment~Yo DJ Entertainment

Flowers~ Divine Nature

Cake/Desserts~Manderfield’s Home Bakery

Invitations~ Invitations by Dawn

Tux~ The Bridal Event

Transportation~Executive Rides

Hair~AJ Miller

Make-up~ Jillian Dawson Freelance Makeup Artistry