Wedding Cake & Dessert Trends for 2016

July 19, 2016

Everyone knows that one of the most important parts of any wedding (second only to the happy couple) is dessert. Cocktails are fun and dinner is delicious, but dessert always steals the show. Here are some of the top wedding cake and dessert trends for 2016.

Unique Flavors

Gone are the days of just chocolate or vanilla cake. Bakers love experimenting with new ingredients and now you can get all kinds of interesting flavors that are fun and will take your guests by surprise (in the best way possible). Lemon poppy seed, chocolate cinnamon, coconut, funfetti, the list is endless! You can even do a combination of flavors and make each tier different. The only limit is your imagination.

football themed cakeCakes That Reflect Your Personality & Tell a Story

Weddings today are all about those unique touches that make the day unmistakably yours. The whole day tells the love story of you and your spouse-to-be and the wedding cake has become an extension of this. Whether it’s photos, meaningful artwork, or even simple messages that have a special meaning to you both, you can find a way to incorporate this into your cake to express who you are as a couple.


Like with any good outfit, texture is everything! Adding different textural elements to your cake can be a great way to add some interest to the room. 3D ruffles and rosettes are a great way to add a soft, feminine touch. Lace detail creates a very romantic feeling and if you have lace in your dress, you can even get it to match! Or if you’re not feeling super girly, have your baker play with the buttercream. There are all kinds techniques from wavy lines to indented pleats give a textural twist to standard buttercream.

rustic woodland theme cakeWoodland & Rustic Themed Cakes

Rustic-chic weddings are huge right now, and you can take this to the next level with your cake. Add earthy elements like flowers, leaves to not just the cake but also the whole table to add to the whimsical feel. Often times, these components are added to plain white cakes to enhance the simplicity and naturalness of the theme. Use a tree stump as your base and add foliage to make it feel like you’ve stepped right into the forest.

untraditional cakeUntraditional “Cakes”

Not feeling a cake? No problem! Lots of people are starting to veer away from traditional cakes and going with different desserts that are designed to look like cakes. Macaroon towers, croquembouche, donuts, pies, and marshmallow cereal treats are just some of the options. Have another idea? Go for it!

Naked Cakes

Happily Ever After Cover 2-107Instead of piling on the frosting and fondant, make the cake the star of the show. You can add thicker layers of frosting between each tier or have a very thin layer of frosting where the cake can still be seen peaking out underneath. Both can evoke a rustic feel but will still maintain the classic elegance of a wedding cake. Get creative with your decorations by adding cascading flowers down the sides or using fresh fruit to make gorgeous, edible designs.

Exciting Dessert Bars

Stay with the untraditional theme and have an interesting dessert bar. But it doesn’t have to be just a standard candy bar. Use cookies, s’mores, ice cream, frozen yogurt, crepes, or even champagne with popsicles. Or even have multiple dessert bars (who wouldn’t love that??). It’s a great way to give your guests some options and gets them involved.

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