Wednesday Wedding Tip- Writing thank you notes

July 1, 2015

Thank you Card TipsThe wedding was wonderful and the honeymoon amazing. Now you are home and facing a mountain of thank-you notes that must be written for the lovely and thoughtful gifts you received for your wedding.
Fortunately, you ordered your special note cards or paper when you ordered your invitations so you are ready to thank friends and family for remembering the two of you in such a special way.
Here are some reminders and thoughts as you begin this process from Bridal Elegance and Formalwear.
If you haven’t ordered your thank you notes to match the general paper trousseau, be sure to invest in notepaper that reflects your personality. Your initials or new name on your stationary is preferred, but the use of a pre-printed “Thank you” distracts from the individuality and thought behind your notes.
Tailor each note to the relationship you have with the person receiving it. What you write to your boss would be quite different from what you write to your favorite aunt.
Be as specific as possible about each gift. Avoid such generalities as “thank you for the lovely gift”. Make each gift seam special by stating how you will use it. Write as you would speak – spontaneously.
To judge the effectiveness of any note, ask yourself if you received it, would you consider it interesting?
Thoughtful? Sincere? If the answer to any of these is no – start over.
When writing to thank someone for a gift of money, do try to refer to the item you bought or plan to buy with the money. Cash wedding gifts are considered quiet appropriate – even welcome in many areas of the country, but do know that in some areas of the south for instance, that may not be the case.

If you are writing a thank you note for a duplicate gift, write each person as though the present they sent was the only one received. And remember that all gifts should be acknowledged within two or three months of your wedding.

Story by Lu Ann Vander Zanden
Owner of Bridal Elegance in Kauakauna

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