Making a Memorable Exit

October 23, 2014

Story by Shawn Dobbins

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Photo Courtesy of Gosia’s Photography

The first time that a husband and wife walk down the aisle together as a married couple is a memorable event but their evening send-off can be just as remarkable and also a lot more fun. Gone are the days of handfuls of rice and a stretch limousine, today’s couples can say bon-voyage to their guests with both personality and style. Looking to make a dazzling display? Have your guests wave sparkles as you and your partner race off to a waiting car (just make sure the limits of the sparklers are known before lighting them, singe marks on a wedding dress aren’t in style). A kid-friendlier idea that is no less magical is to have guests blow bubbles, of which the bottles could be placed at everyone’s table as a take-home keepsake. Concerns about the safety of wildlife have all but ended the traditional throwing of rice but handfuls of confetti (in any variety of colors, even those matching your theme) provides the same effect. Especially creative brides can use their specific ceremony and receptions sites for inspiration; an outdoor summer wedding can feature flowers or flower petals thrown in the air and an elegant indoor wedding can have balloons, streamers, or party poppers as the couple exits. Get creative and most importantly make it fun, this is the last time your guests will see you on your wedding day so make it a scene they’ll remember.
Regardless of what your exit is make sure that the venue you are in will allow such activities, nothing dampers spirits more than finding out your planning is useless because someone forgot to run things by management. Another important person to clue in is your photographer, your exit is an excellent photo opportunity so make them aware of exactly what to expect so they can get the perfect shot.


Photo by Gosia’s Photography

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