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July 3, 2014

Wedding Painting PB-2014-183
Wedding painter Julie Jilek

Fifty years ago your options to capture a wedding were limited to hiring a photographer, most likely your uncle with a trusty new Nikon F, to snap a few shots of bride and groom standing in front of a church, greeting guests and eating a piece of cake. Your pictures were then placed in a heavy book and eventually stuck beneath a pile of sweaters in the closet to sit for decades collecting dust. Today’s brides have a wealth of options to capture their day, from professional photographers and videographers to photo booths to disposable cameras scattered along the table settings. Beyond the obvious, a new and exciting element to include in your day while at the same time creating a timeless and beautiful work of  art that will become the center of your home: wedding painting.

Wedding Painting by Julie Jilek

Every bride is looking for that lone element that makes their wedding stand out and hiring a Wedding Painter can do just that. Wedding painting is not a new idea. The Greeks celebrated marriage by painting vases that would be given to the bride and groom to be used in their home. Much like a photographer captures snapshots of the wedding day, a wedding painter uses your event to create a distinctive work of art to last a lifetime. Paintings are done on-site at the event itself. Think about it, you have looked at dozens of venues before finally deciding on the perfect location; why not record it properly with the care and respect it deserves? Or maybe you are tying the knot at a breath-taking outdoor location; you can have a wedding painter create a beautiful work of art, on-site during your ceremony. Not only can wedding painting give you a highly personalized piece of fine art but it also provides an out of the ordinary experience that your guests will never forget. Your family and friends can witness your painting unfold before their very eyes, capturing on canvas a signature piece that you will treasure for a lifetime. By hiring a wedding painter you are not only getting a one-of-a-kind keepsake but also engaging entertainment that will delight your guests.
Similar to other services, a variety of options are available. A professionally trained artists can suggest what would best for your specific wedding location and what would provide you with exactly what you’re looking for: an heirloom quality painting of your special day that is worthy of hanging in the finest art galleries.

Gosia's Photography

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Photography by Gosia’s Photography

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