The groom’s side of the story- It’s his day too!

June 27, 2014

Story by Shawn Dobbins

Photo courtesy of Ardent Photography

From choosing a date to the bridesmaids’ dresses to who is going to sit next to Uncle Jim, a bride has countless decisions to make; the list goes on and on. Fortunately, women have a wealth of resources to help them make those decisions, a benefit of which brides of the past didn’t have the luxury. In the sea of magazines, blogs, and Pinterest boards, there is one resource that deserves to have its voice heard that often remains silent: the groom.

While a wedding is generally considered to be the bride’s day, the groom also deserves his fair share of both the spotlight and input. Even though they may not be as vocal as their fiancés, men want to make their wedding day just as special and unique their partner does. Small details may not be of pressing concern to a groom, but there are several big-picture decisions that they will happily tackle. Where the reception will be held, who will provide the music and entertainment, and what will the guests be eating and drinking are some of the larger decisions that grooms most often feel passionate about.

Courtesy of Ardent Photography
Courtesy of Ardent Photography

Many will gush over the bride’s appearance, but the groom can earn equal style points by choosing an outfit that fits his personality and character; just because he will happily take backseat to his bride in compliments doesn’t mean that he doesn’t enjoy looking his best. If clothes aren’t the groom’s passion, then finding extra-special groomsmen gifts can make him feel like he’s putting his personal stamp on the wedding.

Some brides feel as though their future husbands simply don’t care about many aspects of their wedding, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s not that many grooms aren’t interested in the planning of their wedding, but more that they know how important the day is for their bride and value her opinion above all others. What some view as apathy, many grooms view as indulging their bride in getting the exact wedding she has been dreaming of since she was a little girl. This attitude can make brides overwhelmed with the wedding process and left feeling like they are taking on the task alone; it’s important to keep open the lines of communication during wedding planning so both parties can vent personal frustrations as well as hear new ideas.

Photo courtesy of Lanari Photography
Photo courtesy of Lanari Photography

Just as a marriage is a shared experience between two people committing to making their lives one, a wedding should also be a union of two personalities and styles into one event.


Photo’s courtesy of
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