Must-Have-Pics For Your Big Day- Part 5 of 5

March 7, 2014

Your Wedding Photos – Must-Have-Pics For Your Big Day

We asked some of our local Northeast Wisconsin photographers to share images and thoughts about “Must-Have Pics” for your day.

Must Have #5 – “Make it Fun” You’ll enjoy so many moments of your day, some will be totally spontaneous while others take a little preparation. Let your fun side shine through in your photos, and make sure your photographer knows you want to capture some fun, spunky images!

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Photographer’s Note: “When the bride came in with this idea, my only question was ‘Who is going to be the one to lean over in a kiss?’ With a group of girls with this much spunk I don’t even know why I asked!”



Courtesy of Picture This

Photographer’s Note: “This was such an amazingly fun couple, so full of life! This shot was taken at Tanner’s Bar and Grill in Kimberly. With no warning, the groom scooped up the bride and began running right at the pool. The thing that makes this shot so great is that she trusted him not to drop her and just went along with the fun of it!”

Courtesy of Picture This

Photographer’s Note: “These two frequented Nakashimas, so often that they felt it could not be left out of their day. So in between the ceremony and reception they had a little appetizer/cocktail hour for their wedding party. When the manager allowed us to take this picture – even loaning us the chef’s hat! – the groom played it up.

Courtesy of Ardent Photography

Photographer’s Note: “The spin! So fun and so beautiful with a veil and small train on the gown!”

Whatever photographer you decide to work with, be sure he or she knows a little about your personalities, your style, and what types of images you feel are your “Must-Haves”. No one wants to look back on their wedding photos thinking “I wish we would have had more pictures with just the two of us!” or “We don’t have any pictures of that hilarious moment!”. Be clear with what you hope to have when you flip through your album. Chances are your photographer already knows what most couples like, but you’re unique, and your photographer should know what suits you! Most of all, remember to have fun and enjoy your day…those feelings will shine through in every photo!


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