Must-Have-Pics For Your Big Day- Part 4 of 5

February 28, 2014


Your Wedding Photos – Must-Have-Pics For Your Big Day

We asked some of our local Northeast Wisconsin photographers to share images and thoughts about “Must-Have Pics” for your day.

Must Have #4 – “Keep it Simple” Even the most artistic couples usually want a few simple, formal shots from their big day. Traditional doesn’t have to mean boring, and these photos can be the best way to see all of you…what your makeup, hair, dress, and bouquet looked like. Be sure to include a few simple shots of the two of you or with your guests!

Courtsey of Lanari Photography

Photographer’s Note: So often, brides and grooms think they want only artsy shots, but afterwards they’re disappointed when there are few images showing their faces.  And parents and other family members usually want more traditional shots!”

Courtsey of Together Wedding Photography


Photographers Note: I love the look, says it all.”





Courtsey of Ardent Photography






Photographer’s Note: “Backlight highlighting the “s” curve in her body and in the sidewalk… and having him hold the bouquet for once!”






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