Must-Have-Pics For Your Big Day- Part 2 of 5

February 14, 2014


Your Wedding Photos – Must-Have-Pics For Your Big Day

We asked some of our local Northeast Wisconsin photographers to share images and thoughts about “Must-Have Pics” for your day.

Must Have #2 – “It’s All in the Details” Down the road it may be hard to remember what your reception venue looked like, what shoes or accessories you wore, what the weather was like…those details may slip away over time. Preserve the memory of every little detail with your photos. Think of the elements that make a good story…the “background” details, and ask your photographer to capture some of these during your day.

Courtesy of Together Wedding Photography

Photographer’s Note: “Set to a beautiful late summer afternoon outside wedding, the bride had spread lavender all around the area, so it had a sweet smell.”


Courtesy of Picture This


Photographer’s Note: “This car was a gift from the bride’s father. Ever since they started dating there’s been a Ford/Pontiac rivalry between the two families!”


Courtesy of Picture This


Photographer’s Note: “This couple let their personalities take their pictures to new levels. This picture started out being a shot showing off the bride’s shoes, but as we were setting up the picture I didn’t want to leave the groom out. Both the bride and groom shined to really make this picture great!”


Courtesy of Picture This


Photographer’s Note: “This couple chose Olde 41 for their reception because it architecturally created the canvas they were looking for. We took this photo using the building they liked so much as the background.”


Courtesy of Picture This


Photographer’s Note: “What a great way to sum up your night and capture the essence of your wedding location!”

Stay tuned next for “Must Have # 3- sweet Kisses”



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