Must-Have-Pics For Your Big Day- Part 1 of 5

February 7, 2014

Your Wedding Photos – Must-Have-Pics For Your Big Day

Your wedding day is filled with many big moments…vows, exchanging of rings, first kiss, first dance…not to mention all of the details during preparations and celebrations! Pictures are a great way to capture the moments – big and small – that you’ll want to remember as the years go by.

Wedding photographers have gotten much more creative over the years…they’re looking to catch unique images that make it your day, and the feelings and fun that go along with your celebration. We asked some of our local Northeast Wisconsin photographers to share images and thoughts about “Must-Have Pics” for your day.

Must-Have #1 – “Just the Two of Us” There will be many moments shared between the two of you…a secret hand-hold before your “I do’s”, a whisper during your first dance, a piggyback ride across a wet lawn, a second to embrace each other…these moments will be plentiful and different for everyone!

Courtesy of Lanari Photography

Photographer’s Note:Most couples don’t want to see each other before the ceremony, but you can hold hands and chat, and still keep the surprise.  It is a beautiful moment.”

Courtesy of Lanari Photography

Photographer’s Note:Romantic first dance shots…make sure you are focused on each other, and relish the chance to spend a quiet moment with your new spouse.”


Courtesy of Ardent Photography

Photographer’s Note: Snuggle close, emotions run deep with people in love!”

Courtesy of Ardent Photography

Photographer’s Note: “Sitting Down” Take time to reflect and relax together!

Courtsey of Picture This

Photographer’s Note: “This cute couple would do anything for each other!”


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