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5 Tips for Writing Wedding Thank Yous

December 14, 2013

1. Avoid procrastination

Consider dedicating a small location in your home or apartment as a pre-stocked area that you can easily and quickly write your thank you cards. This could even be a portable plastic storage container as long as it is easily accessible and stocked with all the necessities such as the cards themselves, pens, stamps, address list, and your gift list.

2. Be organized

Your original guest list can be a great tool when it comes to thanks you cards. Consider adding a column next to the guests name and address that you can check off once the thank you is complete. Obviously, this will also be a great source for the addresses as well.

3. Be timely

For gifts that are received prior to the wedding, be sure to get a thank you card in the mail within a weeks time period. Guests will be glad to know that you received the gift. As for the gifts that are received the day of the wedding, be sure that your thank you cards are out within 4 weeks of the honeymoon! The sooner the better!

4. Work as a team

Make this your first project as man and wife. A common way to split up the work load is to have each person responsible for writing the thank you cards for their own friends or family. A more unique approach would be the opposite. The bride would write the thank you cards to all the grooms friends and family while the groom writes the cards for the bride’s friends and family. This would allow each of you an opportunity to make a good impression on the others friends and family.

5. Make it personal

Handwrite each thank you card and be sure to reference the person and the gift itself. It is best to tell how you will use the item or how the money will be spent.

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