2014 Trends

December 13, 2013

Everything Old is New Again:

Pop culture continues to re-visit the 1920’s.

  • “Downton Abbey”…from the popular television series you see headpieces, high necklines, calla lilies for bouquets, soft colors and rich textures.
  • Gatsby…Glitz and glam in everything from headpieces to décor.  Gowns feature beading and soft fabrics.  Men are clean cut and shaven.  It’s Art Deco with pearls and long gloves, drop waists and high illusion necklines.
  • Retro…Think Mad Men with bold colors and shapes.

Refined Woodland:

More than rustic, it’s bringing nature into your wedding from the woodsy setting to the invitations.  Fresh flowers serve as the bride’s headpiece.  Florals may be more greenery for the bouquets and arrangements.

Old World Opulence:

Perfect for an elegant ballroom with swirling ball gowns, long gloves, pearls, lace and leather.  With this style, you’ll see glitz, metallics, calligraphy, formal china and stemware, formal dining with multiple courses and elaborate foods and cakes.  Everyone and everything is dressed up to the max.


Today’s runways are featuring these flowing silhouettes.  Weddings will be no different with white, metallic and pops of blue.  Ode to Greece.


This is a faux look that can be duplicated in everything from paper to cake frosting.

Pop Art Graphics:

These weddings inspirations are from modern art and comic books.  Color is important. Wedding dresses will have shorter hemlines and be more streamlined and simplified.  Of course, there will be pops of color everywhere.


Take a hint from today’s fashion.  You are seeing a lot of geometrics in everything from clothes to home décor.  Geometric means clean lines, sleek silhouettes, patterns and prints.

High Tech Receptions:

You either love it or hate it.  For those that love high tech, you’ll see hash tags, photo booths where the pictures can be shared immediately on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media.  Charging stations at weddings can be disguised with flowers and greenery.

The Phone Check:

This is for those that hate high tech.  Guests will be asked to check their phone.

Metallic Cakes:

Cakes are all gold or silver much like you’re seeing in today’s fashion and recent bridal runways.

Halo Veils:

These beautiful head pieces can be made from anything, fresh flowers to beautiful beading.  Imagine your veil flowing from the back of the Halo.

For a wedding you and your guests will remember for years to come, pick one thing and make it your signature.  We can never stress enough that your wedding is as individual as you.  Create your own trend!

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