Wedding notes – Setting the date

September 6, 2013

Article by Bridal Elegance and Formalwear
We are used to working with schedules and helping busy brides create a schedule for your event.

Save the Date!

He asked and you said “yes”. Congratulations to you both. Your engagement period signals the beginning of a wonderful and exciting time in your lives. Where to start? Setting the date

As you consider various dates, times and places for your wedding, here are some points to think about.

Think about your budget. It is true that some months are more expensive than others. (Think about Law of Supply and Demand you learned in Econ 101). In popular months (Usually May through September) some reception locations, photographers, florists and bands may charge more for their services. Not Bridal – the price shouldn’t reflect busier months! If you can wait for a less crowded month, you may be able to stage the same wedding for less money.

Think about the season. If you have been dreaming of a Christmas wedding your whole life, then go for it. But think about the time needed for preparations and plan accordingly. We suggest at least 8 months to order your gowns and 6 months to order mom’s and bridesmaids. If you want a certain church, a certain reception site and a certain gown and flowers, you may have to adjust time frames. Your answer is to book early and be prepared to be flexible on dates and/or times.

Think about workload. If you are on a fast track at work or have a job that requires huge blocks of your time, be sure to engage the services of a professional wedding consultant. He/she will end up saving you both time and sanity (and maybe even money).

Consider scheduling your wedding around a holiday. That can give you both a theme for the wedding and time for your out of town guests to attend.

If your plans include a destination wedding, you will need to be more flexible in your dates and times. Decide which is more important – the date of the wedding or the place of the wedding. Once that decision is made, you can proceed.

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