Giving Thanks – A Guide to Guest Favors

August 30, 2013

The big day is approaching, and you’ll soon have guests coming to celebrate. How do you say, “Thanks for joining us!” in a way that suites your style and budget while giving your guests something to enjoy? We’ve all sat down at a wedding dinner and thought “This is the guest favor?”. Likewise, I’ve been to many weddings where the favor is just perfect. So how do you get a reaction that’s more the latter? After searching the shops and websites to get ideas, think about a few key things before deciding on your guest’s favors…

Style: Do you want to do something elegant, humorous, classic, or modern? Think about the personality traits you and your groom share, as well as the style of your wedding. If you’re whole day is classic and elegant, a pack of candies with your faces on them might not fit in. Your best bet is to find a few different favors that fit your style and keep them in mind as you consider the other factors.

Time: Those cute little DIY gifts on Pinterest will make you say “Aww, I LOVE those!”, but do you really have the time to create them? Keep in mind the size of your guest list…each favor may only take 5 minutes to make, but if you’ve got 200 people coming to your wedding, you’re spending about 16 hours …they might not be so cute after all! One way to cut down on time is to enlist your bridesmaids or gal-pals – have an assembly line and you’ll get them done much faster! If you’re tight on time and your budget allows, you can have someone else do the work for you… many websites offer personalized favors shipped to your door! Time can be a make-or-break point with pre-made favors – be sure to order early enough to allow for unexpected delays or mishaps!

DIY wedding Favor Boxes



Guests: You obviously have to keep the number of guests in mind…there’s a big difference in coming up with favors for 50 or 500!But also think about what your guests might like…will they keep a memento of your day like a keychain, magnet, or mini-frame? Will a plant or seed packet end up planted in the ground, or tossed in the trash? Something edible can be a big hit, but if it’s something they won’t eat right away – like a personalized jar of honey – will it travel well if they have a flight home?

Macaroons for Wedding Favors

Budget: Ultimately, this might be the controlling factor in your decision. This is where the size of your guest list really comes into play…$3 per favor might not seem like much, but if you’ve got 300 people coming that takes nearly a grand out of your budget! And you’re likely going to have a few extras, since many require being made or ordered before your RSVP’s are in, so keep in mind that some of those favors might be tossed out when it’s all said and done.

Ultimately you want something that your guests will enjoy and that truly feels like you’re thanking them for attending your celebration. Over the years I’ve seen quite a range of wedding favors…from picture frames to CD’s, potted plants to candy bars and key chains. One of the most memorable was the scratch off lottery ticket with a card that said “We’ve been lucky in love, now we’re sending some luck to you!”.They were fun and got people talking to each other who otherwise were strangers. And I’ll never forget the wedding that had a build-your-own coffee and cocoa bar – each guest got to keep their mug, and I still use mine today! When it’s all said and done, remember, your guests are coming to celebrate you and your new life together, so any token of your gratitude will be appreciated.

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