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September 21, 2012

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You’ll Be Floored — Making Life’s Special Moments Unforgettable

For years Marty Clarke has been witness to some of the most joyous occasions in people’s lives: parties, showers and weddings. As the owner of You’ll Be Floored, an event rental company in Appleton, that’s a huge perk of his job.

“It’s a lot of hard work, but you make people happy, which is great,” he says. “It can be a little stressful at times, but when all is said and done, you’re creating something people will remember for the rest of their lives.”

You’ll Be Floored offers a variety of services to make any event special and flooring is a key component. “Flooring, such as a leveled sub-floor, makes events possible in previously unavailable locations,” Clarke says.

Leveled sub-floor is designed to span distances of up to 16’ and be leveled up to 10’ high. It can also cover water features, shrubs and landscaping features. A lay-down sub-floor, which is a cost-effective alternative to leveled sub-floor, is designed to provide a sturdy surface on ground that is relatively level. It can cover bumpy land, which is great for a bride (and any woman in heels) who doesn’t want to worry about sinking into the ground outdside.

Wedding Dance Floor RentalOf course, dance floors are in high demand and You’ll Be Floored offers parquet flooring in 3’x3’ parquet sections. Black indoor/outdoor turf is often used to cover a sub-floor and is also a great way to cover concrete, asphalt or gravel. With proper heat, indoor/outdoor turf makes winter events comfortable on snow, Clarke says.

Specialty lighting is another service You’ll Be Floored offers. From mini twinklers and paper lanterns to stained glass star lights, there’s something for every aesthetic. Logo projections — where a logo, monogram, or any other custom design is projected onto dance floors, tent tops or tabletops — are also popular. The classic mirrored disco ball is another fun touch that many couples consider for the dance portion of the reception.

You’ll Be Floored also offers tents, tables and chairs, and other décor items, as well as a lighting technician, site security, a licensed bartender and trained wait staff.

Wedding Paper LanternsClarke has seen a lot in his 14 years in the event rental business. One of the trends this summer is market or bistro lighting, which includes strands of lights with bulbs placed apart every two to three feet. “We also do a lot of paper lanterns,” he says. “Another hot thing right now is Western lantern lighting and barn weddings in general, or rustic-style, weddings.”

Clark works with brides and event planners to create custom looks for each event. Quotes are derived based on the number of guests expected to attend, and initial quotes are often given up to year in advance of an event.

“I try to give customers a ballpark figure so they can start budgeting, but we’re flexible in terms of changes or added needs,” he says.

Then, he works on a plan throughout the year, using computer-aided design to illustrate layouts and options. A visual representation of the final setup helps brides see how the reception space will look on the big day, as do photographs taken at other events.

In the end, nearly anything is possible. If Clarke doesn’t stock a particular piece or hasn’t worked with a specific item a bride requests, it’s not a problem.

“I try not to say no to people,” he says. “If I don’t have it or we can’t find something, we’ll hunt it down and make it work.”

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