Manditori Provides Music for Wisconsin Weddings

September 16, 2011

Northeast Wisconsin Wedding VocalistsManditori (pronounced “mandatory”) consists of Mandi Sagal and Tori Occhino. They have been performing together since they were 11 years old and their goal was to do their first wedding by age 16. They were 14 when they met that goal and have been doing weddings ever since. They are now 17 years old and ready to perform at your wedding!

The duo offers a variety of music, including vocals with harmonies, accompanied by piano and guitars. They do both church weddings and outdoor weddings and they tailor their music to meet the bride and groom’s needs. In addition, they perform at cocktail hour (1-2 hours) which is becoming more commonly requested. They provide full, quality, equipment set-up for both indoor and outdoor celebrations.

Manditori meets with the wedding couple and leads them through the ceremony and discusses where music is typically used. “Some couples come to the meeting with a list of songs they have always dreamed of having at their wedding, and others have absolutely no idea what they want,” say the musicians. They provide a Manditori song list, make suggestions, and play many songs for them until decisions are made.

They do very traditional music, such as Canon in D, religious music such as Ava Maria, classical piano pieces, country love songs, and also love/pop music such as Colbie Caillat and Jason Mraz songs (and everything in between). The duo is finding that many couples are looking for non-traditional music that make their wedding stand out from others. They have an extensive list of choices and are also open to learning requested songs. According to the girls, “We’re not afraid to think ‘out of the box’ and challenge ourselves, and recently added Canon in D as a guitar duet because it’s unique and different from the traditional Canon in D on the piano.”

Northeast Wisconsin Wedding MusiciansIf you’re getting married in a church, Manditori recommends that you talk with someone at the church about the music prior to meeting with your musicians. “Some churches are very strict and must review and approve all lyrics, while other churches are more lenient. Perhaps this is a factor to consider when deciding your wedding location.”

“Music is a very important part of any celebration, and we would love to be a part of your special day!” For more information about Manditori, please visit their website.

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