The Groom’s Gift He’ll Never Expect

May 2, 2011

Groom's GiftHe’s got the flat screen tv, the smart phone, even the latest gaming system – heck, he has you as his girl – what do you give the guy who literally has everything? Even if you could think of something he wants would it be a worthy wedding gift that he will remember?

Imagine giving him a black box tied with a fancy black bow. As he opens the box and realizes what he is looking at his face lights up – it’s a little book with photos of sexy YOU!

Here are 3 thoughts from expert boudoir photographer, Amy Gaerthofner of Unveiled Portraits, on how and where you go about getting these Victoria’s Secret-esque photos.

Gift for Grooms1. A boudoir shoot really is for anyone.
“I’ve photographed brides, mothers… even mothers-of-brides! It doesn’t matter your age, body type or comfort level. I have a way of easing any woman into a session, accentuating your assets with posing and making beautiful images that you and your guy will cherish for years to come.”

2. The shoot is a super fun experience.
“Most women arrive for the session a bit nervous. How could you not? Your session starts with a professional makeup application, then a quick styling review of your outfits. I start your session in your most comfortable outfit and work to your most risqué. Always giving you lots of direction on poses and facial expression. Every woman leaves their session feeling great about themselves just as they are – a new found sexy confidence.”

Grooms Gift3. You can customize your session to your comfort level.
“For every session I have my girls fill out a questionnaire. I find out about their comfort level, what part of them drives their guys wild and if they have anything they are self-conscious about. I never force anyone to bare all… some women are comfortable wearing jeans and a sexy white tank while others are comfortable with implied nudity. Everyone has their own idea of sexy.”
Finding the right photographer for this type of session is important. You can ask your wedding photographer if they are able to do boudoir session or you can find a photographer who specializes in boudoir. Make sure that you are comfortable with whomever is taking the photos. Boudoir specialists who photograph many sessions are experienced in posing to flatter every figure, offer a wide array of products and will really make your boudoir experience something to remember.

Gift for Groom

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