Hottest Wedding Trends for 2011

April 22, 2011

What is the hottest trend for 2011 weddings? Personalization! While that could include a custom monogram embossed on everything from the invitation to the restroom hand towels, I’m talking about digging a little deeper and expressing the true you as a couple. The phrase, “This is your day” has never rang more true.

So what does that mean for you?  Your wedding planner is happy to guide you in making selections that reflect both you and your budget but take a peek at some of these national trends for 2011 to jump start your creativity.

Vintage is still popular this year but is moving in a slightly different direction.  In general, we’re seeing two roads being taken with it. Some brides and grooms are taking it to the max and creating a whole  prohibition era/speakeasy theme complete with “moonshine” and jazz tunes, flapper dresses, and pearls. If this is a little over the top for you, maybe you would like the less thematic (and less dramatic) version shown at left.  Select the golden browns, tans, and ivory that are typically associated with a vintage theme along with signature pieces (such as the vase base shown), but add in a dose of the modern with contemporary patterns and florals. Mixing decades makes for a timeless and elegant presentation that won’t leave you wondering what you were thinking as you look back at your photos in 20 years.

For you princess brides out there, tiaras and cathedral length gowns and veils are making a comeback. Jewel embellishments and elaborate embroidery help define this look and while Kate Middleton’s dress may or may include the 25′ train that Diana’s did, you can bet she’ll still be rockin’ that princess look as she heads down the aisle soon. For an elegant take on a modern-day princess, check out Disney’s new line of wedding dresses.

Eco-friendly and green thoughts are continually increasing in the minds of brides and grooms.  A famous green fellow once said, “It’s not easy being green”, however, small steps can be taken to do your part.  One of our recent clients loved this bamboo plate option we found for her outdoor, lakeside wedding.  Other easy ideas? Vintage weddings allow for recycling or repurposing used items.  Ask your caterer if they cook “fresh” by selecting locally sourced ingredients. Invitations can be printed on recycled paper.  For a client with a large guest list, Details created a customized wedding website based on their very unique themed wedding (and custom invitations) which allows guests to enter their replies online.

Fresh color options abound offering a kaleidoscope of options with which to express yourself.  While pink has been declared the Pantone Color of the Year it is not just the bubble gum option.  Consider the full spectrum of pink from blush to red to lavender to coral, then pair it with something new and fresh.  For instance, pair a paler pink with olive or red with turquoise/robin’s egg blue. Another hot color for this year is cinnamon, which we’ve used in the linens above for our modern twist on vintage.  We’ve pared it with gold and bronze, but consider coupling it with eggplant for more drama, perfect for an evening reception.  Not into intense colors?  Sophistication is reflected by pairing this year’s hot latte (pardon the pun) with a delicate coral. Metallics will be popular but think beyond silver and gold as nearly every color under the rainbow begins to adopt a sheen.

Speaking of sophistication, classy is back as the Converse athletic shoes for grooms are ditched in favor of more stylish men’s footwear options, cufflinks and bow ties.  Black suits and tuxes take a back seat to gray and navy.

For décor, keep it simple and elegant with soothing colors and traditional floral options.  This is a great place to incorporate the custom monogram (see bathroom finger towels at left).  Pearls are a better option here than diamonds.

Mix it up with reception tables of varying sizes.  This adds movement to the room and makes it more interesting.  Consider incorporating circle and square tables into the same space or go Italian-style by using rectangular banquet tables end-to-end – Bonus:  this saves on the number of linens needed! Man, Caves are a fun element to add as are cigar bars and lounge areas in which guests can relax and converse. Candy and/or sweet and salty buffets and late-night snack options will also still be popular.

Personalize the food selections by nixing the standard chicken, beef, and vegetarian lasagna options and instead serve your favorites or specialties.  Make sure your menus or buffet cards clearly identify your decisions and offer a brief description of why each dish was selected.  Jeff’s Favorite Mac ‘n Cheese, Nikki’s Famous Four Alarm Chili, and Grandma Berkley’s Apple Pie are much more intriguing and allow your guests to share in your favorite dishes.  Many chefs are open to incorporating family recipes, all you have to do is ask.

Couples are bored of the traditional hotel ballroom or banquet hall and are seeking more creative venues which expresses their individualism. Think outside the proverbial banquet box and consider museums, historic properties, and even grandpa’s barn.  One caveat . . . if you live in the Midwest, you have a one in three chance of having a sunny day for your wedding.  And that doesn’t take into consideration other weather factors such as wind or extreme heat.  Before planning an outdoor event, make sure you’re okay with Plan B.  Heck, make sure you have a Plan B!

How will you personalize your special day?

Jami Jenkins
Details, a professional planning company

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