Wedding Insurance: Protect Your Special Day

April 19, 2011

You envision the perfect day. You spend months preparing. You want it to be amazing.  You invest your time and money hoping it turns out perfectly. In the back of your mind you worry that something will go wrong, but feel the unexpected is out of your control. It doesn’t have to be. There is something you can do.

A wedding is an investment. Like all investments it should be protected. A wedding insurance policy can cover a variety of unfortunate situations such as these and help make your wedding day a day to remember.

  • Loss or damage of dress, tuxedo, rings & gifts – Repair or replacement options are available if loss or damage to these items should occur.
  • Liquor Liability insurance – Although it varies by state, most laws indicate that the owner, operator or host serving or selling alcoholic beverages is liable for injury or damage caused by or to an intoxicated person if it can be established that the owner, operator or host caused or contributed to the intoxication of the person through the sale or serving of alcoholic beverages. Liquor Liability insurance can protect you in the event that alcohol related injury/damages occur.
  • Loss of Venue/Vendor – Deposits can be reimbursed if a vendor goes out of business or is a no-show. It can cover the difference for a last minute replacement.
  • Guest Injury/Damage to Property – Venues may require additional liability coverage. Add this option to protect yourself in the event of guest injury or property damage.
  • Severe Weather or Transportation Interruption – If your wedding is cancelled due to bad weather or transportation issues non-recoverable expenses can be reimbursed.
  • Sudden Illness -Non-recoverable expenses can be reimbursed if your wedding must be postponed due to illness of groom, bride or their parents.
  • Wedding Photos – In the event you must retake photos if film/negatives are lost or damaged, insurance can help cover this cost.

For information about wedding insurance, and to learn more about protecting everything that’s important to you, as you and your family grow, please contact the McClone Insurance Group and ask to speak with a wedding insurance specialist.  We will be happy to assist you in making your wedding day the happiest day of your life.

Provided by McClone Insurance Group.

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